Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Stills

This week's Sunday Stills challenge is "Things with Wings"
This picture is from two summers ago. We had a bumper crop of honey bees, as we'd had a wonderful winter/spring full of much needed rain. I accidently stumbled upon their hive, while walking one day. It was in the hollow of a tree.
Since then, we've had two solid years of "exceptional" drought. That's the weather service's word, not mine. Last summer there were fewer bees and this summer they're virtually gone. I went back to the tree in early spring, and discovered that the hive not active. My hope is that they moved on to greener pastures. My fear is that they died.


  1. lovely picture! We had suffered severe droughts the last 3 years, so far this year has been wet for us...praying for the rains your way!

  2. Darn weather. We need those bees, don't we? For polination...and honey! :)
    Great photo, CeeCee.

    I hope you're enjoying a beautiful weekend, my friend.


    ps I'll write you soon to give you some tips on how to change your template for bigger photos.

  3. Great picture and its so unfortunate about those bees!

  4. Beautiful picture love honey bees.

  5. great action shot!

  6. Great pic! I hope the bees come back soon.

  7. Cool pic!

    The bad news is that bees in the wild don't usually last too long any more. Still, a great opportunity to see how bees are supposed to live

  8. Love the bee shots, I can never get them to pose for me!