Monday, June 8, 2009

Music Man

As I sit typing this, Lucky (our cat) is hollering up the stairs for Pearl to get out of bed and come feed him. It's not even 8 am. She's still sleeping. He also already has food. He just likes having her around and he's too lazy to climb the steps to get in bed with her. This story is totally irrelevant to this picture, but I love their interaction. Each one thinks they have the other one trained just perfectly. She is a cat person. He is a Pearl person (cat).

This picture is of my young beauty in costume for Music Man----Her spring show at school. For some reason, they didn't begin production of this very difficult show until after Spring Break. They had 6 short weeks to learn everything. The week before opening night she came home from practice exhausted and frustrated. "It's going to be awful. No one can remember anything!" I kept telling her if the show was awful, that it was the director's fault. Who picks such an intricate production to do with middle schoolers, with only 6 weeks to pull it off? The average age of the kids in this show was 12.5 years old (Pearl is 14). Goodness, I wouldn't ask a 12 year old to do more than 3 jobs at one time, for fear that they'd forget 2 of them. Having them put on a show that lasts 1.5 hours, no intermission, remember scene piece changes, 5 or 6 very large dance numbers, a boat load of songs, and stay in character is just unimaginable. Impossible.

I was wrong in a very big way. So was Pearl. The show was amazing. Fabulous. Funny. Wonderful. Stunning. It made me grin from ear to ear, the entire time. How 12-14 year olds, two teachers, and a few theater students from the High School did it is beyond me. The dance numbers were mind numbing. The singing was on pitch. The soloist could actually sing. The acting was great. The costumes were so much fun. I am so proud of Pearl and her theater friends for sticking it out. I can't wait for her to see it-----they had it taped so we can watch it at home on DVD.

You rocked, Pearl! So did your show! Love, Mom.


  1. What a beautiful picture! She looks like she's having a ball. Oh, to have had skin like that at 14.... :-)
    So, is the production all over? Has Pearl been able to take a deep breath and realize that she not only survived but thrived during the experience?
    Fun that you have it on dvd.

  2. She's gorgeous, just like you!

  3. What a stunning picture! Pearl looks absolutely beautiful. Sounds like everything turned out super! I'm sure you'll enjoy the DVD over and over.

  4. She's gorgeous! I was a thespian in school, too. Such fun memories of my theater days.
    I'm glad it all worked out so well for the production and for all the kids, too.

    Your daughter rocks big time!


  5. I love that costume. Plays are some of my most favorite things to see. I remember watching my oldest daughter perform in high school and those are some of the best memories.

  6. Pearl looks like a grown up! Way to go Pearl for rocking your show!