Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday, Lee!

His birthday was yesterday, but I wasn't able to post until today. We didn't get to the cake until after dinner and so I failed to post it.
He got some funny cards, a beautiful shirt from Thom, a "crappy keychain from Seaworld" from Pearl (her words), a couple giant waterguns from James, and chocolate from me.
We went out to one of our favorite pizza places for dinner and followed up with
the traditional homemade, triple layer German chocolate cake.

Today he flew to Kansas City to attend a memorial service for one of his aunts. She was 89. He comes from a long line of long-lived people. I'm hoping to share 46 more birthdays with him. I kind of like him a little bit. :)


  1. Ya, anybody gullible enough to fall for the old "auto door lock trick" is a keeper!

  2. Just a wee lil' bit. lol!

    Happy Birthday Lee! me some?


  3. Happy Birthday, Lee!!

    And, what?!!!! Is it really 101 degrees where you are today? Holy moly!