Friday, May 1, 2009

Which Is It?

Thursdays paper

Todays paper

I gotta tell ya that this flu thing is getting old. Where was the media in years past? In the 2007-2008 flu season, 3,900 Texans died of flu related complications. Thirty-six thousand (36,000) people in the US die every year. Really, I kid you not.
Flu viruses that we knew about and had been vaccinated for. It happens every year, but since there wasn't anything else to report on, they decided to run with this.

Yes, many Mexicans have died from H1N1 (aka, Swine Flu). I'm sad about that. It turns out that many have died south of our borders because they delay seeking treatment. "It has to do with the culture, the idiosyncrasies of Mexicans, " said Dr. Padilla, an epidemiologist at the University of Guanajuato. "The idea is that I don't go to the doctor until I feel very bad."

One private school here in Austin closed because some students had recently been in Mexico. They aren't showing any signs of illness. I think the board members just wanted a long weekend. After all, our illustrious governor, Rick "Big Hair" Perry has granted a waiver to any school in the state that wants to close because of the flu. I wish our school would do that! I want a long weekend!

Dr. Richard Wenzel, past president of the International Society for Infectious Diseases has this to say, "There might be some over-reacting, but with an exotic virus that's never been seen before, you can't blame people for doing it." Really, he was the president of this society?? I'm thinking this society was probably about boondoggle trips to Cancun to discuss matters other than infectious diseases, because this is not "an exotic virus that we've never seen before." Then again, he may have picked up the virus in Cancun and be delirious.

Somebody needs to tell him that it's called the Swine Flu because we've seen it before. It even has a number, H1N1, already. Also, just because it originated in Mexico does not make it exotic. The jungles outside Kuala Lumpur, that's exotic. Cancun, not so much.

If you're still wondering if you might have the virus, please check out the following website. It will give you an honest answer regarding the possibility.
My advice regarding the transmission of the flu is the same as it is every flu season:
Wash your hands and don't pick your nose. Or at the very least, wash your hands before you pick your nose.


  1. Wait...what about this though?

  2. Our gov't has created a great distraction from the economy. I'm sure more people died from food poisoning in the US yesterday than H1N1. Should we stop eating?

  3. ha ha - love those two conflicting front pages. i understand taking precautions and informing oneself, but panic is like worry - it accomplishes nothing.
    however, i just went to warren's link and since i always do what i'm told....

  4. Panic? Eat bacon? Hard to know what to do. One of my sons said he knows he won't get swine flu because he just bought some oinkment.

  5. It is amazing what people can get in a panic about. You are right that we don't acknoledge the 36,000 deaths from influenza. I am sure we won't see that many from this. I don't want to be wrong. The hand sanitizer people will be chuckling all the way to the bank!! Just wash your hands..

  6. I'm with myrna who said just wash your hands. Are you people aware that hand washing is the #1 way to prevent the spread of germs?? Maybe they should put that on the front page "Wash your hands often to prevent the pig flu!" :)