Saturday, May 30, 2009

Taking a Break

I wish I could say I was napping, like Smokie here, but I'm not.
We are down to the last two weeks of school at our house. Three kids, three different schools, three different sets of stresses and activities.
Being the mom, I take on all the stresses that really belong to them.
There is something about school that says, "We've finished our standardized testing, now lets do miles and miles of projects in addition to finals."

Anyway, my brain is elsewhere---last week and the week to come. I may or may not read blogs and I certainly can't think of much that is interesting to say on my own blog.
And so, starting June 8th, my brain will be back in the saddle. I'll be back here---same Bat time, same Bat channel.


  1. Good luck on surviving the last couple of weeks of school.

  2. I so remember hose days with my girls! But just think, it's almost over, and then you can join that little creature on your couch. And, should I ask, what are your kids doing during the summer? That was also often a dilemma for us. We were fortunate to do a lot of traveling. Any plans?