Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Stills

Flowers and Plants
I've decided to join the ranks of those taking Sunday Stills. Goodness knows I love taking pictures. Each week a theme is given and we then post our pictures on our own blog and then send Sunday Stills a link.
This week the theme is flowers and plants.
I love taking pictures of plants and flowers. I have dozens of them, some are pretty darn good. Instead of posting one of them, I chose instead, to post my son's Science Project photo.
He is challenging the idea that Miracle Gro really does grow things "twice as big". After just one week, the Hollyhocks are indecisive on how they feel about any feeding at all. Right now, all three plants are running neck in neck. Same height and number of leaves. No flowers yet.
He only has until May 17th to complete his data. The project is due on the 18th. Hopefully, he'll be able to draw some conclusions by then.


  1. Oh, good one! Let us know the outcome of his project!

  2. Cool experiment! I think maybe Logan and I will do this one too.

  3. Cool, Welcome to the Sunday Stills Challenge. My dad was a science teacher for 30+ years and he would be interested in the results, as would I..:-)

  4. Great experiment! You should be able to tell something by the seventeenth..Welcome to Sunday Stills:)

  5. Great shot! And welcome!!!

  6. Hi via the Black Box.

    I'm a big fan of pictures (I rarely blog without one) so I really liked this, especially becuase I'm the gardener in the family.

    Best of luck with your Sunday Stills.

  7. Excellent idea. Welcome to the challenge.

  8. Interesting project! Fun choice for Sunday Stills, too.