Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Practically Perfect In Every Way

Yesterday was a post about a garden failure. Today is a post about a success.
James asked if we could plant peas this year. When a kid asks to plant a vegetable that he or she has never touched with a ten foot pole, I jump on it. In fact, 'experts' say that planting a garden may encourage your child to try new foods. I must confess, that it does. At least in James' case.
He tried a fresh pea, right out of the garden and declared it to be, "Okay, I guess." Did he want another one? "No, thanks."

Strangely enough, that works out in my favor. You see, I adore fresh, raw peas!! I consider them the Mary Poppins of garden veggies. "Practically perfect in every way." They are sweet, portable, and easy to get into. A bug I could never catch sight of, loved snacking on the plant, but the pods were left unharmed. Every night after dinner, I make my garden rounds. I check for bugs, new blossoms, ripe strawberries, water needs, tie up tomato plants, fish dead snails out of my fountain, and lastly check the peas. They are my reward for garden duty. The fullest pods never make it in the house. I sit right down in the garden and have a post-dinner treat.

The peas in the picture represent the end of the peas until late next fall. Peas do not like warm temperatures. They are the snow-birds of the southern garden. Once temperatures go above 90*, they start to suffer. This morning I pulled up the last of the peas and picked the last of the after-dinner snacks.
They will not make it to dinner. In fact they will not make it to lunchtime. As I sit typing, I am consuming the last of them. I am flanked on both sides of my chair by my dogs. Smokie likes only peas and Mandy likes only the empty pod. In Smokie's case, it doesn't pay to be picky. I'm not sharing very many peas.


  1. If my husband had his way, I would plant *only* shelling peas in the garden. You think I'm kidding. We ate raw peas with our dinner almost every night for 2 months last summer. Not a single pea was ever cooked, not a precious one was canned or frozen. All went straight from vine to belly. yum.

  2. I never know when to harvest shelling peas. They confuse me. I mostly stick with sweet peas where you eat the whole pod.

  3. I knew we were kindred spirits. My favorite treat growing up was to go to the pea patch and chow down. My folks didn't appreciate it, but they knew where to find me. You had to look out for those little white worms though!!

  4. Yay for peas! I am enjoying watching my little pea plants grow....I cant wait to snack on them. And I think my little guy feels the same way. EVERY morning when he wakes up, he asks, is it time for peas yet, mama?

  5. Peas are defintely a yummy treat! That's pretty funny about your dogs liking different parts.

  6. I only eat peas raw or dried! And I agree...in those forms, they are a delight!

  7. I can't believe you are already eating peas. What a beautiful picture and cute post! My peas, both kinds, are about 12" out of the ground. We've had strange weather here in Oregon. My grandkids love peas and beans from our garden, even farmgirl's oldest, who never was a vegetable eater.
    Hope your spring is as lovely as ours will be. The coming week even promises 87 degrees! My kind of weather.

  8. I have fond memories of shuking peas as a child at my gradnparents...sigh....two pods for me.....one for the bowl...


    Betcha can't wait until next year's peas :)