Monday, May 11, 2009

"O" for Two

Twice now, I have planted carrots. Twice I have failed. You would think, by looking at this picture that I did a fine job.
They look great. Most of them were nearly straight. That means I got the soil composition right.
What you can't do is taste them. They taste awful. They taste just exactly like you'd imagine dirt would taste. Not a hint of the magical sweetness that homegrown carrots should possess.
I spent over 2.5 months babying these carrots. Water, bug deterrents, and liquid seaweed feedings. The very same thing happened last year.
Just last week, I came upon an article that said early heat waves over 90+ degrees can cause carrots to be bitter. Sure enough! We've had several days well over 90*.
I will try carrots one more year, and plant them earlier than suggested. After that, I give up. The carrots from my CSA are amazing. I can concede defeat if someone else has already won the battle.


  1. Did you ask your CSA how they grow theirs? How do they manage the 90+ degree days? They sure are pretty, CeeCee. At least you got some. Moments before I read your post this morning, I checked my garden and found the third mole hill in a my carrots. No carrots for me this year, I'm thinking, bitter or not.

  2. They sure look delicious in the photo. Drats after all that work, and then 90 degrees of bad luck. Hoo-ray for trying! Better luck next year.

  3. Rats, that's too bad. They look positively beautiful. Maybe 3's a charm and next time the carrots will taste as good as they look.