Saturday, May 16, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

Five years ago, girls liked flip-flops. They didn't just like to wear them on their feet, either. They were on jewelry, towels, t-shirts and bedding. They caused a media frenzy in 2005 when several of the young women from Northwestern University's Lacrosse team wore them to meet the president. I guess the war wasn't interesting enough at the time.
Above, you see my attempt at recreating the flip-flop in cake. Unlike many of the cakes on the Food Network challenges, everything about this cake was edible except for the straps. I made this cake with much love, for one of my best friend's daughter. She was turning 13.
The method used was making hundreds of frosting stars, ala' Wilton Cakes. It wasn't perfect and the design wasn't symmetrical. I don't think she cared. Thankfully, I didn't either. In my 20's, I would have freaked out. I was way too smart for that in my 30's. Age has its advantages.

This is my newest attempt at a more modern cake design. It is cake covered in something called fondant. It makes for a perfectly smooth, almost fake looking cake. You can be creative and have fun. It's fairly forgiving stuff to work with, unless you roll it out too thin. Imagine working with homemade playdough.

The only downside is, it tastes quite a bit like playdough. Actually, it tastes like crisco and rice mixed together, with a little powdered sugar thrown in for fun. If you ever eat a piece of cake that has this on it, plan on eating around it. Well, take one bite and decide for yourself. Lee said it was like eating cake and chewing gum at the same time. Eeww.

This cake is a prototype for another birthday cake. I wanted to see if I could even work with the stuff, before I committed to such an important cake. The birthday cake is for that same young lady. Only this time, she's 18! Time has flown. She's off to college next fall.
This year's theme is a bit different. She's hosting a murder mystery party---CSI style. Her cake will be red and black. I might add something fun, as a surprise.


  1. EAT cake? Are you serious? Those cakes are works of ART! You can't eat those! They should be put on display for all to admire. Wow! They're fantastic.

  2. As if we needed more proof of how freaking talented you are! Very cool.

  3. I don't like the way fondant tastes either, but it looks so gorgeous! I love the flip flop cake too. You are very talented!

  4. I am smiling at this post, since these beautiful works of art are for my sweet girl. Just today, she mentioned how she couldn't imagine how you could top the "flip flop" cake. It was the best ever and a huge hit at the party. Everyone should have a best friend like you:)

  5. As Robin said, those cakes are works of art! You are sooooo talented! Anyone who gets a cake you've made is very lucky!

  6. Those flippies are adorable! And noone has put their feet in them yet. lol!
    I also love all the details and extras you added around the cake. Adds such a fun festive feel.

    My hubby is a lacross coach. I'll have to show him that article. funny!

    So, what did you add to that birthday fondant cake for a surprise?


  7. I love cake, I HATE fondant! That's why we opted for cheesecake at our wedding, normal icing wouldn't have survived... Only fondant. I wanted something I could eat and love... I love cheesecake :) However your cakes are amazing!