Saturday, May 9, 2009

I Broke the Uni-Tasker Rule

I have a crush on a TV star. Alton Brown. He's Bill Nye the Science Guy crossed with Emerill Lagasse (just kidding, AB). He's not what Hollywood would call 'eye-candy', but I don't think he's bad looking at all. Quite handsome in fact. Except during his 'fuzzy face' stage during several episodes of Iron Chef. Don't know what was up with that. I guess as long as his lovely wife and daughter liked it, that's all that matters.

Anyway, he has a rule that is so ingrained in his persona, that he had a T-shirt made. "No Uni-Taskers." That means, no kitchen gadgets or tools that can't be used for at least two things. His only caveat is a fire extinguisher. Although, I may remember an episode of Good Eats where he uses it to flatten some chicken for chicken fried steak.
His main reason for this rule is to save kitchen space. I currently have a pasta machine that gets used about once every 8 years. Same thing with an ice cream maker. I have one of those cake pans with 3 pieces where you can freeze ice cream in the middle and then make an ice cream cake. Used it twice, and failed miserably both times. Did I donate it to Goodwill? No, it's taking up space in my pantry because I might magically figure out how to make a beautiful ice cream cake one day. I have since, really tried to stick to the Uni-Tasker rule. It makes such good sense. Mr. Brown is sensible, if nothing else.

I broke the Uni-Tasker rule last week. I bought myself a citrus juicer! It is good for nothing but juicing things that can be cut in half. I have an old fashioned version of this juicer. I used it last year on my pomegranates. My hand about fell right off.
We love limeade at our house and have an over abundance of mint. The two flavors together are amazing. I also juiced several batches of orange juice over the winter when I had too many oranges from the farm. Again, hand about fell off.
So, AB, I'm breaking the rule. A darn good rule, too. Maybe to clear my conscious, I'll donate that ice cream cake pan.
What follows is a lovely recipe for Limeade with Mint. I believe some folks add rum to this recipe to make a Mojito. You won't be getting that recipe.

List of Players:
10-12 limes (1 cup of lime juice)
1 cup granulated sugar
1 cup water
2 sprigs of mint
1 quart cold water/ice
Juicer of your choice
Important note: If you're getting your mint fresh out of your garden, be sure to wash it throughly. Stink bugs are not, as Alton says, "good eats".
Heat water in microwave and add mint.
Add the sugar slowly, if the water came to a boil in the microwave. Hot water has a tendency to react rather violently when stuff is added if it has been in the microwave.
Find a handsome assistant to stir the sugar and mint into the water until all the sugar dissolves. For foodies, this is called a 'simple syrup'.

At this point, refer to the top of the post for the picture of the Uni-Tasker being employed by my handsome assistant, James. You'll need at least 1 cup of lime juice. Note that his hands are still firmly attached. His hands did NOT fall off.

Mix the juice, water and simple syrup in your favorite pitcher. Add some ice and some limes for decoration and you're all set. Bring on summertime, I'm ready with my Uni-Tasker.
I hope AB is still speaking to me. Maybe if I can figure out how to put out a fire with the juicer??


  1. Ha! Funny post.
    And here's something else that's funny: I think we have almost identical kitchens.
    Counters, cupboards, knobs on cupboard doors. Kinda eerie. I'm just missing the cute pre-adolescent boy helper.

  2. Do you have the same junk lying all over the counters as well?
    I think Pioneer Woman must have a "pictures only" counter when she does her cooking stuff. I just can't manage to have a completely clean workspace.

  3. Well, don't let AB in my kitchen either. Some of those gadgets I bought just sounded so cool and I just knew I'd use them bunches, right? Ha! I've got some of those goodies stuck way back in the corners of some cuboards too. But it sounds like your juicer will be well used, even if it is only for one task.

    And really, I'd hate to think of ny of your crew having their hands fall off.

  4. That limeade sounds great! I might have to get one of those uni-taskers too. I love AB!