Monday, May 18, 2009

A Beheading

There has been a killing in my garden. These officers are on the case.

Exhibit A
Base of plant. Obviously chewed by something. Not a clean cut.
Exhibit B.
Body of plant, several feet away. Missing a head. Suspicion is, the criminal meant only to take the head, but needed to get the body away from the crime scene first. It could be that the body was just too heavy to carry any distance.
Exhibit C.
Head found 15 feet from origin of crime and 6 feet from body. Head partially eaten.
Likely suspect.
Known criminal activity. Has a rap sheet several pages thick.
Only suspect at this point capable of carrying out the crime the way it took place.


  1. They're sneaky ones! You gotta watch them. Goats too.

  2. Very funny! I don't much like squirrels.

  3. CeeCee, you crack me up. That was too funny. Gotta watch them rotten little villians!

  4. Cute! (the post NOT the squirrel).

    Ok, maybe a little.

  5. Funny! Yeah, he looks like he's guilty alright.

  6. thanks for your comment, in response yes they are my eyes :)
    i liked this entry a lot, made me smile

  7. I love you Sis! I'm a hard one to get to laugh Out Loud, but you did it to me with this post. hahaha

  8. Oh...and he looks rather pleased with himself. :D