Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This Year's Walk Ons

A Walk-On...
1. ...plays a small part in a dramatic production. Non-speaking roll.
2. ... an athlete who becomes part of a team without being actively recruited or given a scholarship.
3. ... a single player without a reservation or tee time, as in golf.
4. ...fourth studio album produced by the American band, Boston.
5. ...a single release from U2's 2000 album, "All That You Can't Leave Behind."
6. ...singer-songwriter, John Hiatt's 13th album, written in 2005.

I think something is missing from the definition. In gardening, we call walk-ons, "volunteers". Either way, it implies that the plant had some part in the decision. We all know it's not true.

I am among the gardeners that thinks these walk ons are just plain fun, and I look forward to seeing them every year. They are like presents. They are free!
The little tomato plant you see in the picture above, is not likely to see playing time. He's out in the compost pile and surrounded by much bigger players---players from the gourd/squash family.

So is this one, but she might have a chance. She's sitting on the far end of the bench in the sunlight. She is, however, is in danger of getting pummeled by the opposing team, the Bucks and Does, during a play.

The players from this team will do just fine, although they still haven't committed to sign on the dotted line with their team of origin.

This player is definitely one of the smartest walk ons I've had since last year. He's out of harms way. He sits right next to water in case he gets thirsty. He gets enough sun, but not too much. Because of his location, he may be very easy to train if I, as his coach, am willing to put in the time.

I don't know if I could consider these players from Potato Jr. College to be walk ons. They were recruited earlier in the season, but didn't seem anxious to join my team. I replaced them with scholarship players from Beet and Carrot university. Once it became apparent they weren't going to get a better offer, they showed up on my bench. Honestly, now that they are committed, they are working hard. I'll just have to see how they produce on the field.

They have rounded out an overall good looking team for the spring. Summer training camp is coming up and with our heat, many players may fade.


  1. Very funny! You seem to have a lot of walk-ons. I have never heard them called that, but I am new to gardening.

  2. Nancy, gardeners call them volunteers. I just thought of it because I live in Texas, where football is VERY big. There's always discussion about walk ons in football.

  3. Cute post! Nicely done. Hopefully some of your walkons will be great players!

  4. Nice walk ons you have there! I'm hoping to at least get my recruits to grow. Maybe I'll get walk ons next year.

  5. I too dig volunteers! We have a volunteer potato and volunteer tomato vying for time in our compost pile!