Thursday, April 16, 2009


"Did one of the chickens lay that?" "Maybe another bird snuck in and laid an egg?" "It gives me the creeps. Get rid of it."
Those were things I heard from my kids when I brought in the egg on the left.
Now my chickens laid small eggs when they were first starting out. The egg in the middle is our very first egg. The egg on the right is the size we get today.
My chickens are 4 years old. Teeny tiny eggs should be a thing of the past. If you click on the picture, you'll see that the shell is badly formed. Very bumpy and different colors. I don't know which hen laid it, but I'm sure the others are jealous. It couldn't have been much work at all to lay such a tiny egg.
Just out of curiosity, I cracked it open---no yolk. I'm sure there's some biological answer to why this occurred, and unfortunately I have to know. Google and I will be spending some time together today. I'll also be consulting my numerous chicken books. After all, we wouldn't want egg laying aliens to have gotten into my nest box in order to take over the world. Oh well, at least we know it wouldn't be a very big alien.

Something must be in the air, because Danni over at On the Way to Critter Farm got the same sort of egg today. She weighed hers though. Go see how much her weighs. See if it has an alien inside it.

PS...Darn, and I really wanted a yolkless, tiny egg to mean that aliens were invading. Here's what egg experts have to say about it:
Yolkless eggs are usually formed about a bit of tissue that is sloughed off the ovary or oviduct. This tissue stimulates the secreting glands of the oviduct and a yolkless egg results.


  1. Maybe your girls are getting older and their systems aren't as efficient as they once were?

    I remember all the alien eggs my girls laid that first year. lol!
    My Japanese Silky lays small eggs, but they are so pretty. I like to collect them just to admire. :)

    Have fun with your googling.

  2. Well, there goes MY post for the day. I got one of these yesterday, too! I couldn't believe it. I haven't gotten one of these since right after they started laying last year.
    You know what I'm going to ask now, right?...
    What did it weigh, CeeCee? What did the little eggy weigh?
    Mine came in a .4 ounces. Just a wee bit bigger than a quarter.
    Could you now amend your post to say that "Danni and I both got these crazy eggs...." so then I won't have to duplicate your post?

    :-) :-) :-)

  3. Lisa, do you blow the insides out before you save them? Tiny eggs like that actually dry out all on their own if put in a dry place.

    Danni, for you, anything. I've edited my post. :)

  4. I've never gotten any weird eggs, not even when they first started laying. Just that one monster one with the double yolk. Buffs aren't very interesting in their laying I guess.

  5. If you could get yolkless eggs all the time Whoa, would you be RICH. Bodybuilders pay $5 bucks a pint for egg whites. I know I saw some guy buying some in a jar and asked. Lou interrupts this post to bite at my hands. xo

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  7. I can't believe this! I've got a tiny little egg sitting on my dining room table waiting for me to take a picture. Now you've beat both me AND "farmgirl" to the post, ha, ha!!!

  8. My Buff Orpington hens laid odd or small eggs from time to time over the years. The ones I opened were yolk-less.