Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hold On To Your Hat

Red Flag Warning
Means critical fire weather conditions exist. In other words, keep your cigarette butts in your car!

Sustained Winds--22-25mph.

Current high
wind gust --45mph.


  1. I hear ya on that wind, CeeCee.

    We've been having 50-60 mph wind gusts since early March, along with snow off and on. It snowed yesterday and with the wind hitting the house it sounded just like massive waves were rolling off the house!
    The wind is so unsettling, isn't it?

    And soon it will be fire season here and we haven't got anywhere close enough snow fall or rain to keep the trees and grass moist. Everything is so parched, dry and dusty!

    Hang on to your hat!


  2. I don't know why sustained winds bug me, but they do. Unsettling is the perfect word. I can't imagine 50-60 mph winds. I'd be sure the roof was coming off any second.

  3. I'd say all butts should stay inside the car! I hope you made it through the wind ok! When we lived in TN, we used to get tornado warnings all the time...I hated winds of that sort.

    Anyhow, welcome to spring!

  4. Warren, good point. Keep your hands and feet (and butt) inside the vehicle at all times.