Monday, April 27, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

Last summer we took the kids to the Seattle area and surrounding islands. I LOVED it. Especially Orcas Island.

This year we've tossed around several ideas---Mexico (unsafe and don't have passports), Florida (been there, done that), Hawaii (wwaaay too expensive flight prices), the list is long. One of our favorite places to visit is San Diego, but we always end up nearer Los Angeles at the end of our trips. Why not go officially visit LA? We went to our local book reseller and picked up Frommer's LA guide and needed to begin our research. With three kids of much different ages, we have to plan ahead or there is drama.

The thing is, no one, including Lee and me, seemed all that hyped about it. We just couldn't seem to sit down and get started.

Just yesterday, I think the grownups in our family have decided that it's time to head to Washington, DC. The following is a note for my kiddos:

Yes, lots of walking. Yes, museums. Yes, it might be hot with no beach in sight. Yes, we might do something that one or two in our family don't want to do.
It's Washington, DC. It's amazing! We'll see something, or a bunch of somethings, that you'll never forget. We will look at guides and find something each of you want to see every day. It is the birthplace of what makes our country great. Yes, there is a lot of grousing at our house about government the last 8 years----but goodness knows that's what makes it great. We CAN grouse and grumble and make jokes.
Yes, we'll take breaks from sightseeing. We'll be in a hotel with a pool. We'll go see a movie. We'll eat ice cream every day. What's not to love about ice cream every day! You certainly can not get that at home!

If you want to poke around a website that has information before we head back to the 1/2 Price Bookstore to get a Frommer's guide, then here it is.

I am firmly of the belief that if everyone in this country could take a free vacation, it should be to D.C. There is soooo much there that has everything to do with government, but even more stuff to do with our history as a nation and as a world. Goodness, everyone needs to see Dorothy's ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz just once in their lives!

If you can't decide where you should go this summer. Go to D.C. You'll be glad you did.


  1. Wow, what a Great choice! I wish I were going with you. I'd give a lot to be able to spend a week or two in the Smithsonian alone! One day I will. Have Fun, I know you will, you're the Cox Clan, I always have fun with you guys, even when the teenagers are surly. XO aunt, nora

  2. Great choice. We used to live in Maryland, so we spent lots of time in Wash DC. And then my twinners participated in a Twin Study at the NIMH for several years, so they'd invite us out and paid for our hotel and food, so we'd make a vacation out of it, too.

    Lots of stuff to see and do. Heck it's even fun just riding the Metro all day. We like the Space museum, too. Oh and flying kites among the cherry trees around the Wash. Memorial.
    sigh. Such good memories...

    You're gonna have a blast!


  3. I grew up near DC and have been there many times. It is a neat city. The natural history museum is great. The air and space museum is very outdated but still cool.

  4. Oh, good choice indeed. LOTS of neat stuff to see. It's been years since I've been there, but we used to be regular visitors when we lived closer. I'm betting it will be a vacation the whole family will never forget!

  5. It's a wonderful place to glad I don't live there...but it's an incredible place!

  6. I've heard the Holocaust Museum is a big, big deal. Like, plan to spend a whole day at it. Is what I've heard. I liked DC but it was super duper cold (January) and Reagan was just about to be inaugurated for the second time, so I was not a happy camper. Oh, the National Cathedral is pretty amazing. One tends to think, " well can Americans do a cathedral, compared to our European friends? but no, it's way better than "meh." Oh, and if you see Michelle in her garden? Give her a Fist Bump from me. You know, the terrorist kind.....