Monday, April 13, 2009

Bird Netting Has Its Place,...

...and it's not on the ground.

I've used the stuff for years to keep birds, squirrels and deer off certain plants. Lately, I've used it to keep the chickens out of the area around our pool. The stuff is great because it's virtually invisible.
The invisible part also makes it a hazard for small wildlife. Twice this week I have rescued spiny tree lizards from the netting behind the pool. They go after a bug and find themselves impossibly tangled in the stuff. Luckily, they're fairly good sports about being picked up and having the net gently cut away with cuticle scissors. I knew those tiny scissors would come in handy for something.

Snakes, however, are not good sports about being cut out of the netting. A couple years ago I found a very large Eastern Coachwhip snake tangled up in a number of ways. It took my neighbor and me an hour to cut it loose and not get bitten. I, being the weird snake lover that I am, doctored its numerous wounds with neosporin before letting it go. It didn't seem all that grateful. Nasty old snake!

I think it's time to use a different material to keep unwanted critters out of my flower beds and garden.


  1. There must be a better barrier to use that doesn't catch everything. I would spend my day freeing everything. Not so sure about messing with the snake though. Not a big fan like you are.
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog I appreciate it.

  2. The lizard is so cute. I love the little lizards around here, too. They will come sit beside me in my chair as I watch the chickens. I can reach down and stroke their backs.
    They are still hibernating around here, though.

    I use bird netting on top of my chicken run to keep the hawks out.


  3. I must agree with your advice that bird netting does not belong on the ground. While the lizard pictured here was lucky, we had a Western Fence Lizard that was not. And I haven't used bird netting since.

  4. We had put netting around a garden once to keep the deer out, but even thought it wasn't laying on the ground, the snakes would try to crawl through it and you know what happens! They get part way through then get stuck. I had to cut a couple of black snakes loose. We finally got rid of the stuff.