Saturday, April 11, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For

Yesterday, I posted several pictures and a story regarding Cedar Waxwings. I mentioned that I hoped to get a closeup picture of just one bird.

Whenever you have large numbers of birds in one area, and gigantic windows on your house, you are bound to have birdy casualties. Not long after I published my piece on the Waxwings, I heard a familiar thud. I was saddened to find a Waxwing lying in the grass.
The hope of all bird lovers is that the bird has just 'rung its bell'. The little bird seemed to have done just that. I gently picked it up and put it in a shoebox. Dark and quiet are what birds need in this situation. They will either live or die, but they won't do it out in the yard, afraid of predators.
This was not the way I wanted my closeup. I did take advantage of the situation by snapping 3 quick pictures before I let the bird have its peace and quiet. The coolest discovery was of the red on its wings. I thought the coloring was a part of the wing. It appears as though the red is individual little feathers that stick out beyond the length of the wing. (see pic #1).

I'm happy to report that after about a half hour, I heard movement in the box. I took the bird outdoors and placed it in a bush. It sat for one last picture and then I went inside. Not long after, it rejoined the flock.

I love happy endings.


  1. Yay! I love happy endings! And you even got your close-up, too.

    What a stunning bird!


  2. Hooray! Glad it was a happy ending, and you got your close-up pictures without having a casualty. They are lovely birds.

  3. WOW!! Glad the bird was alright. I have only seen them once and it was quite a sight. They were on a bush back of the Samish church and stripping it bare of the berries. Once they went. Nice pictures.

  4. I have never seen those. He/she is beautiful and I am glad that he is ok. The birds who fly into our windows usually aren't so lucky but every once in a while one will just be stunned and take flight again.

  5. I love your blog so much ^_^ You always have the best nature pictures!