Monday, March 30, 2009

Why Women Live Longer Than Men

On the left is James. On the right is his best friend, Jerry. I'm calling him Jerry because he reminds me of Jerry Seinfeld---he finds humor in every day happenings and cracks me up.
These pictures were taken on March 17th. Our weather had been unseasonably warm. I think on this day it hit about 87*. When Jerry is over, they spend a lot of time outdoors getting dirty and sweaty, cuz that's what boys do. They also got hot, and that's how they ended up in the pool.
As you can see, the sun is setting and our pool is running between 58* and 60* at the surface. In other words, IT's COLD! Freaky cold, heart stopping cold. I don't care how hot I am this time of year, the pool is not the place to cool off. The only thing that would get me in the pool this time of year would be an accidental fall. Even if I was covered in killer bees, I wouldn't jump in the pool. Have I made myself clear?
Here's Jerry after sliding down the slide. He and James went down multiple times. They spent at least 30 minutes in and out of the pool.
I've decided it must be a guy thing. I guess it's thrilling to jump in frigid water, or bungee jump, or drive really fast (in circles, to the left), or climb Mt. Everest in the winter, or______________ (fill in the blank). To further prove my point, Lee was the one taking these photos. I was the one finding towels to warm up the little adventurers. I guess that's a girl thing, or at least a mom thing.
If you don't believe that men do sillier things than women, then take a look at further proof. I'm guessing that such activity starts in childhood, as evidenced by my pictures.
I will say that they had more fun than if they'd been riding roller coasters and it was wwaaayyy cheaper than a trip to Six Flags.

In the boys defense, they finished up this little polar bear swim by getting in a hot shower. Maybe they'll do okay after all.


  1. That is hysterical! (killer bees hahahaha)
    It isn't just a boy thing, my girl is a polar swimmer too. If we get an 80* in April, she is in the pond, even her brother wont do that!

  2. Not for me. I do not like being cold. I do not.

  3. That is toooooo funny! But I know exactly what you're talking about having raised a couple of boys. But being a polar bear swimmer sure isn't MY idea of fun, even if they were having a super time.

  4. I do NOT like being cold or getting into anything cold. If the pool water isn't bath tub warm I won't even consider taking a dip. Those boys must have tough skin or else it is just a guy thing.

  5. That's hilarious! I cant believe they would jump into such cold water. Heck, I wouldnt come out of my quilt if the weather was that cold!

  6. And I bet that there lips were even blue. lol! My boys are the same way, though they have gotten a little wiser or cautious as they've gotten older.

    LOL! That GopherGas link. Those photos were crazy! And I though riding horses was dangerous. Being a man is more dangerous! lol!