Monday, March 16, 2009

Whirlwind Tour

Pearl's packed up and gone. 
Where?  New York City, Broadway, Manhattan to be exact.

A unique experience presented itself this year, through her theater class at school. A whirlwind trip lasting 5 days with every minute accounted for.  When I was in school, this sort of trip came around twice and I couldn't go either time.  We just didn't have a dime to spare.  I always swore that if my kids wanted to go on a school trip, that I'd try to make it happen.  We are blessed enough that we could make Pearl's trip possible.  We paid for the trip and she saved for several months for spending money and the price of her lunch each day.

Her itinerary is the stuff of dreams.  The short versions is as follows.

3 shows: Wicked, Mary Poppins, and In the Heights.  
Dinner: Puglia's in Little Italy, Ellen's Stardust Diner, Greek at Uncle Nick's, and Pizza at John's Pizzeria.
Lunches at other really cool places.  Gotta have a hotdog off a cart, or you couldn't say you've been there.
Neighborhoods: Little Italy and Chinatown.
Sights: St. Patrick's cathedral, Ground Zero, Rockefeller center, Battery Park, Ellis Island, Empire State building, NBC studio tour, Radio City Music, a musical theater workshop, Macy's at Herald Square, Central Park, CBS Early Show, all that and a bunch of shopping and miles of walking.
They're staying a block off Broadway, poor dears. 

They left at 6am this morning and she called me when they touched down.  She called me again at lunch from Grand Central Station.  Her take on things so far, "I can't believe I'm here.  It looks so wild, like it's not real.  Almost like a movie. People everywhere and gigantic advertisements and lights."  I'd imagine I'll get similar reports for the rest of the week.  

I'm so excited that she wanted to go and that she's having fun.  It's important to me for my kids to be able to branch out if they want to.  It's a hard thing to do--to let go, but necessary.  I hope her memories last a lifetime.


  1. Hey, Aidan did this sort of trip with his 8th grade class a few years ago. He had a BALL. Their group toured all over New York and went to two Broadway plays. Two of his favorite places were the "Spy Museum" and Wall St. lol
    He had the time of his life.

  2. Wow! That sounds amazing. What a great opportunity. I bet she will have the best time.

  3. CeeCee you will not regret making sure she had this opportunity. We sent my daughter to New York with her drama class as well for a week when she was a senior in high school. She absolutely loved it and even went back again later. It was jam packed with activities just like your daughter. Even though it was financially tight I am so glad we made sure she got to go because it was one of her best memories before marriage, children, life and death took over. No regrets for us at all.

    Oh and she is so pretty. She looks a lot like you.

  4. What a fabulous experience for your daughter! I'm so glad she was able to go. Everyone needs to see New York City at least once in their life - it is a world all to itself.

  5. Taylor had a four day trip to Boston in eighth grade. Every minute was planned so they made the best of their time. I'm excited for Pearl. I hope she has a FANTASTIC time!

  6. Good for her!! Branch off early and enjoy! Tell her that her old lady cousin said to take every opportunity and embrace it :) Much love.

  7. Ah, Dawg, this made old aunt nora cry! I remember when "dananas were lellow"! How can it be that then was so long ago! She'll have a Blast! xo

  8. Lucky Pearl to have you for a mom! What a great opportunity ... she'll thank you for the rest of her life.
    (I cant get over how much she resembles you!)

  9. Who could ask for greater 'family support'....a greater high school opportunity with your friends...and a better place for mom to share with us?? My first opportunity to see NYC was when I went to the ECSS nat'l mtg when I was in my fifties!! ...and I thought it was neat then! she will have a blast and memories to last a liketime and another reason (to add to an already big heap) to thank and love you 'Mom'...
    ...Bob from Bastrop, Texas