Friday, March 20, 2009

New York, Day 3

By now, I'm expecting that they are exhausted.  Late nights and early mornings can get the best of a person.
Pearl's been having trouble with one of her prepaid credit cards.  It's slightly bent and won't scan properly.  Luckily, she's got another card and a mom that's on the trip has loaned her some money.  I think it's worrying Pearl quite a bit, as she brings it up every night when we talk to her.  Lee's trying to fix it.
Rockefeller Center  first stop.    They took a tour of the NBC studios.  I wonder if she saw Tina Fey?  So far, I've heard no reports of any 'sightings'. 

Next, it was off to Radio City Music Hall for a tour there as well.

Dinner at Uncle Nick's Greek restaurant.  I looooovvvvvee Greek food.  They had a fixed menu and got the best of everything.  I wonder how many of the kids ate it.  Quite a bit of amazing Greek food looks like dog's breakfast.

They finished up the day by seeing an off Broadway hit, In the Heights.  They got to participate in a 'talk back' session with the cast following the show.  One of the people on the tour, knows a cast member.  This show won the Best Musical Tony award for 2008.  

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