Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Love/Hate Relationship

Exhibit A--Mandy, covered in dead grass.
Exhibit B--Smokie, covered in dead grass.

Love my dogs. Love that spring is on its way. Love that the grass is turning green. Love that my dogs play hard. 

Hate that they roll when they play so hard. Hate that the dead grass, being pushed up by new grass,  clings like a tick to my dogs when they play.  Hate that no matter how hard I try to brush it off, it persists.  Hate that the beloved dogs only shake when they are in my house.  

Recap: Love dogs and spring.  Hate dead grass.   

Photos by Pearl :)


  1. I could see that would be a problem! Dogs shaking hair off in the house, bummer!

    But ya gotta love the dogs, and ya gotta love spring...

  2. Aww that is cute. I can tell you some hates..its when they roll in something dead or gooey or even dead and gooey..yuck.

  3. Always good to have a strong hold on where you stand!

  4. RW, Yes, if I could only get them to have a good shake outdoors. The problem is, they are perpetually on the wrong side of the door (in and out, in and out). We often just let them in without even thinking about it or looking at them.

    Lily, true, so true!

    Marcee, it's good to have someone know how I feel.:)

  5. Excellent photos Pearl!

    Totally relate to the dead grass problem, too. But we don't get any green grass here until our monsoons from July-August.
    What we have alot of right now, too, is dust. Everything is so dry and dusty. We need moisture (rain!) so badly.

    Your pooches are so cute and happy! :)


  6. I'd take dead grass over what T-Bone rolled in this morning. Both cheeks are covered and it's trailing down one shoulder.