Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's For Their Own Good

Doesn't this poor little strawberry flower look pathetic? She has no idea why she and her sister flowers and fruits are all locked up.
It's not so much that I want to keep her in, but who I want to keep out. There are murderous villains in our neighborhood. There is a two legged fellow by the name of Mimus Polyglottos who has the ability to fly. He and his four legged cohort, Sciurus Carolinensis, make quick kills when it comes to the easy prey of the Strawberry family. They also prey upon my tomatoes, but my tomatoes are still wintering in Florida. They are safe----for now.
We won't tell the strawberries what their final destination involves. Let's just remember that their lives were protected, they were fed well and cared for until that moment when berry meets shortcake and real whipped cream.


  1. Well, sometimes it's better to be in protective custody. And certainly nicer to keep strawberries safe until they meet the culmination of their existence.. it's just good karma for strawberries to meet shortcake and heaven to mingle with the whipped cream...

    cute post.

  2. hehe! You're so funny CeeCee. Your criminals have very impressive names, too.


  3. Yea, I like good karma. :)
    I named them such bizarre names, because when else am I going to use those darned latin names I learned in biology classes?