Friday, March 6, 2009

It Doesn't Take Much.... entertain me.  Some of my seeds have come up and it seems like magic every year.
Morning Glory "Heavenly Blue"   
I'm beginning to believe this plant is in the witness protection program.  It took me 8 shots to capture it.  My camera keeps wanting to focus on the surrounding material.  Go figure.
German Chamomile.  Love chamomile tea!
It remains evergreen here in a protected space.  It was just waiting for me to turn back on the water to bloom.
Beets "Detroit Red"
Boil, butter, salt.  Recipe for deliciousness.
Carrots "Baby Little Fingers"
I guess it would be gross if they called them Little Baby Fingers.

More Morning Glories

Still waiting on my potatoes, pumpkins and peas to make an entrance above ground.  
Cucumber seeds and sweet potato slips are next in line.

Soon I'll be planting tomato seedlings from my CSA farm.  I'm taking the leap into heritage/heirloom (note: heritage refers to animals, heirloom refers to plants) breeds this year. They taste better, but are far more susceptible to disease because they haven't been genetically modified to fight off things like blight and viruses.
Now, if I could only talk Lee into letting me raise some other heritage breeds.  How about some Milking Devon cattle, or  San Clemente Goats, or a Shire horse, or Delaware chickens, or Jersey Buff turkeys, or.....who am I kidding? ;)


  1. I wonder if there's a heritage breed of donkey...

    Beautiful shot of the Columbine - mine is nowhere to be found yet, let alone to blooming stage!

    And the witness protection program rhubarb CRACKED me up. :-)

  2. Well Danni, since you posed a question, I couldn't just walk away.
    Yes, there is a heritage breed of donkey and they are in the 'Critical' stage (read:the worst)--they are

  3. Hold on. Just a minute. Do you make tea outta that chamomile? Like you grow your own chamomile and dry it and then brew it and then drink it????? Huh? huh? huh?

  4. Yeah go and get a cow or some turkeys it'll be fun.

    I just found a broad bean plant shooting up from last season and a cluster of lettuce growing from a plant I let go to seed. They are like hidden treasures popping up.

  5. It looks like spring at your house all right! Nice to see all the little seedlings.

  6. Everything looks great! That Columbine flower is so delicate and pretty :)

    How amazing that everything is growing there. Not that I could plant a garden right now because of my knee, but even if I could, winter would strike back in April and May and it would all be for nought. sigh.

    One of my apricot trees is beginning to bloom.....looks like we'll not be getting any apricots this year if we get our typical snow and ice storm in May. bah!


  7. Yes Marcee, just dry it and drink it. Easy peasy.

    Lily, I LOVE volunteer plants. My most productive tomato last year was a volunteer.

    RW and Lisa, spring has sprung, but I'm worried that we'll get a late season freeze. Stranger things have happened.
    We could sure use some rain, too. We are 25 inches behind what we should be for this time of year. :(

  8. You are a bit ahead of us here. But my rhubarb did pop it's little head through the soil a few days ago. Surprised me!

  9. What a "green thumb" and heart!!
    Everything looks great... But, fret not!! It looks like 2-3" of rain for you before Saturday. Just keep diggin' and plantin'...what a great example for the 21st century! Back to the habits of our grandparents!!
    ...Bob from Bastrop, Texas