Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Dance

Today was James' first game of the spring season.  From now until May 9th, our Saturday mornings belong to soccer.  
Our oldest, Tom, has been playing soccer all winter for his high school.  His team is undefeated! His season ends this week, just as James' begins.
The thing about soccer that gets to me is the beauty of the game.  It's especially evident when you see still photos of the game.  The kids are in impossible positions, often having both feet off the ground at one time.  Gravity seems to sit and watch the game instead of participating in it. A play that is well executed is a beauty to behold.  I'll even find myself cheering when our opposing team's goalie ("They're called Keepers, Mom.") makes a great save.

I'm quite sure my boys will be dismayed that I'm comparing a soccer game to a great performance of a dance, but I'm sticking with it. 
I'm blessed and grateful beyond proper words, for three healthy kids that can participate in anything they want.


  1. Oh, great shots! James is such a cutie. (Don't tell him that, though...between you comparing soccer to dance and my comment, it may just push him over the edge -lol)
    Ah, soccer Saturdays...I remember them well. :-)

  2. We are big on soccer here, too. Altho, J can only participate in the fall season till he reaches 5th grade. Seems crazy, I know. I dont get it.

  3. One of my favorite things to do was to watch my kids play soccer. I love that sport.

  4. It's good to be thankful that you have three healthy and beautiful children. The one thing I hope for this little one growing inside of me is good health and happiness. Kiss the kids for me, I'm so happy they have both!

  5. Thanx for being a 'soccer mom' again!! definitely worth it, huh?
    ...Bob from Bastrop, Texas

  6. Great pics! I love watching my kid playing soccer. My girl is skipping soccer this season to try tennis. We'll see if its as fun to watch.