Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cucumber Conundrum

Cucumber and Tomato salad is just about one of my favorite summertime dishes. It's cool and crisp and sweet and sour.
As I've aged, it's also caused me to join the group of people that has to take Beano before eating anything that's good for you. I probably need to go to Sam's and buy the 5 gallon bucket of Beano, because I refuse to give up eating vegetables and tasty, high fiber breads. I will say that this problem has given me ample excuse not to eat broccoli, but I digress.
So far this year, I have 7 varieties of heirloom tomatoes in the ground. I'm still trying to figure out where to put the other 4. What this means is, if I make the proper sacrifices to the tomato gods, I will be swimming in tomatoes by mid-summer. How can I have all those tomatoes and not have tomato/cucumber salad?

I was able to locate seeds for those uppity cucumbers in the store that come all wrapped up tightly in saran wrap. They claim to be burpless. I've tried them, and for the most part, they are mostly burpless. Of course, I've never heard a cucumber burp, but maybe they take Beano too.

I have two other problems with cucumbers. One, I really don't have room for them. Two, I've also discovered that pillbugs do, in fact, eat fruits and veggies that lay on the ground. Anybody that tells you they only eat decaying matter is straight out lying.

To address my pillbug laden, spatially challenged garden, I decide to go vertical. I built a cucumber trellis. It looks all fancy and stained because we had a lot of leftover baseboard wood when we built the house. All it took was three pieces of that, some green, plastic coated chicken wire, and a nail gun. Voi'la, instant cucumber trellis.

I'm crossing my fingers. Don't tell Beano about this though. Their stock might plummet and I wouldn't want to be a part of another company needing a bailout.


  1. lol! CeeCee, you're so funny!
    I hope your cucumber trellis works well for you. I don't like tomatoes (I'm weird) but I did love cucumbers.

    Perfect summer food. Yummy!


  2. Love that tomato cucumber salad! Personally, I don't use Beano (probably should according to my husband)I just let it come up naturally lol!!

  3. Lisa, you're not weird. Pearl will try and love just about any food you put in front of her, but she doesn't like raw tomatoes either.

    Linda, I'd love for it to exit one way or another, but cucumbers just sit and brew. I end up looking 8 month pregnant.

  4. It's nice to know I'm not the only person who doesn't care for raw tomatoes. I love them cooked in about anything, but a big slice of tomato... just doesn't thrill me.

    But cukes are good!