Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lee's Birthday Present AKA My Favorite Superbowl Commercial

Well, I know what Lee is getting for his birthday this summer.  He's getting an all expense paid trip to the movies to see Shia LaBeouf go postal on alien robots, again!  
The first Transformers was one of my all time favorite "stuff got blowed up real good" movies.  The special effects just rocked!  
I know Lee will be thrilled with my present because I will be crazy happy to see this movie.  What better present can a person get than hanging with someone who is crazy happy AND having that person pay for popcorn and a soda.  Maybe I'll get him some Jr. Mints to sweeten the deal.  


  1. Aaahhh, someone stole my picture of the new movie poster!

  2. Just don't make those mints, 'Mentos' or you'll really give him a good time. heheh


  3. Ooops! I almost forgot! You had left a message a while back asking for my e-mail address. I tried to e-mail you, but you don't have it in your profile. Mine is in my profile, but I'll include it here, too.
    Twinville2 @

    Take Care my friend,

  4. Sounds like a fun time. I didn't get to see the picture before it disappeared. Darn.