Saturday, February 7, 2009

Jammin' James

Halloween hair.  He went as a hippy.  He didn't get nearly enough tootsie rolls to satisfy me, but what's a mother to do? This picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post, other than having James as the subject.  Onward.

He's been taking guitar lessons for a year now.  He really likes his teacher and his teacher really likes him--"He's the only kid who bothers to practice!".  
Lonnie is child of the 60's.  He served two tours in Vietnam.  He's toured with several big name country/western bands.  He met good woman and settled down. Now he has standing gigs with a couple local bands and teaches guitar.  His music love is rock and roll.  Country just paid the bills.  Rock, 60 and 70s rock is what he's teaching James.  His latest piece of music got recorded by Lee and I wanted to share it.  He and Lonnie have moved into Surfer tunes.  Whatever makes them happy. :)
If you'd like to see James perform "Pipeline", just click on 'surfer tunes' above.  


  1. Wow, that is really cool! James is quite talented. I hope he sticks with it...girls have a thing for cute guitarists...!

  2. I second it... that's really cool! Go James! He's doing really well. What fun!

  3. He is doing so great. I must say he is the cutest kid.

  4. Wow, he is very serious and focused when playing his guitar. You can just see him thinking about things and he's finding is chords. Great video - love the other one of him playing the blues, too. That acoustic guitar is almost as big as he is!
    I see a great musical future for this beautiful boy of yours!

  5. A whole ball of cool and adorable rolled up into one kid.
    I hear the tongue sticking out helps you play better. ;-)

  6. I too learned surf tunes when I first learned to play the guitar. I just wish I would have stuck with it instead of picking it back up in my 40's. Of course it is way cool playing the electric guitar when you are young! Lookout Austin, Jammin James is on his way!