Monday, February 16, 2009

Any Birders Out There?

I believe this little cutie is from the Warbler family, but I'm only basing that on his/her beak shape and body size.  I have searched online and in my books, but can't even find a bird that looks similar.
The barring on the main body is what is throwing me off, that and the one bit of yellow under each wing.
It's also a bold little bird and stays up late.  It will be at the feeder until it's nearly dark and all the other birds have gone to bed. It will perch 3 feet away when I am putting feed out in the morning.
It is not a bird that spends its entire year here (in Central Texas), either.  It showed up about a month ago, possibly on its way back north?
Any ideas?  


  1. Nope, but that is a pretty guy! It has taken almost 2 months for the birds to find our feeder. It has been a hard wait, we love birds.

  2. A female myrtle warbler. Lovely!

  3. Hooray Farm Mom! I guess she's also known as a Yellow-rumped, Mourning or Audubon warbler. From my little bit of research since you gave me the right ID, it looks as though the three fairly distinct birds interbreed and now are considered one bird. The picture in my Audubon field guide of this bird, doesn't look anything like my bird.
    Thanks for the help! Now I can add a new bird to my list. :)

  4. Christy, I'm glad your birds have found your feeder. I wasn't as patient as you. I noticed them feeding and took the feeder to them. Then, over the next month or so, I'd move it a few feet closer to the spot where I ultimately wanted it to end up. It was a pain, but I got the results I wanted.
    I'm crazy about birds(except the darned House Sparrows).

  5. You're very welcome! :)

  6. What a beautiful bird. When we finally get our house I want to put up a bird feeder.

  7. Carla, I love your photo's. What camera are you using?

  8. Tracy,
    I used Eric's camera to take the bird picture (Canon EOS Rebel XT, with a telephoto Canon Ultrasonic).

    Most of my close-up pictures, I still use my little Canon Powershot A540.

  9. Carla, ditto what Tracy said. Your photos are fantastic!

  10. Such a beautiful warbler. I bet you get a lot of birds that fly through on their way north.
    In New Mexico the flight path seems to follow the Rio Grande.
    What we do get is the raptors. They soar right over our mountains, riding the thermals.
    I volunteered or Hawk Watch Intl and had the supreme pleasure of capturing, taggin and releasing hawks up here a couple years ago.

    There is something so awesome about holding a wild raptor one second and then tossing him into the wind to watch him fly away into the blue sky, the next.