Monday, January 26, 2009

Where Was I?

I was wandering through the latest photos this morning, looking for a picture I took of German Chocolate cake (birthday tradition) and came across this photo.  I don't remember having my picture taken.  It took me 5 minutes of looking back and forth in pictures around it, to figure out that Tom took it with his Christmas camera.  I then had to figure out where we were.  I don't wrap my silverware in a napkin and then hold the whole works together with a post-it note sort of paper.  It had to be a restaurant.  Three more minutes----it was at one of our favorite pizza places.  Tom tends to take odd angled shots for fun, and I was able to piece together a shot of the menu at the place.  Whew, now I can move on to bigger and better things.  

I woke up all discombobulated this morning.  I went to bed in a bad mood because of a problem at church.  When the alarm went off, I was met with "I don't feel good" from James standing at the edge of my bed.  We've all had colds, and he's been coughing.  Right away, my morning routine is off it's tracks.  I need to check James for fever and dose him with the proper amount of love and over-the-counter medication to make him feel better.  
1. No fever.  Check. 

Now I can make coffee.  Coffee is my main objective in the mornings.  It's fairly torturous to have to get dressed and wash my face before heading to the kitchen to make it.  I don't do it the other way around, because something in the kitchen will get me off track.  
2. Coffee brewing. Check

While waiting on daylight, I check my email.  I'm hoping for something that will make me feel better about church.  Nope.  
3. Type a letter to other members of the pastorate regarding my discombobulation. Check.

4. Feed, water, let out chickens. Check.  

Go to pour coffee.  Still brewing!  It's been 10 minutes!  Coffee, coffee, coffee.
5. Make time today to run vinegar through coffee maker.

Return home from taking James to school and a lovely breakfast with neighbor. Good to have her to bounce my church drama off of.  

Check email.  Thoughtful, helpful responses from pastor sisters regarding church discombobulation.  Feeling heard and feeling much better.  Check.

Time to start my Monday routine.  Clean up the disaster that my house becomes after 5 people have lived in it all weekend.

Pick up clutter. 
Take some clutter to staircase for kids to take to their rooms. (yea, right)

Get sidetracked by the fact that one of the kids has emptied the entire laundry chute onto the floor. 
Sort laundry.  Go back to clutter.

Start a grocery list because I realize when I'm putting away markers, that Tom told me we are out of note cards.  
Notice when I'm putting way markers that we are nearly out of pencils. Didn't I buy a gazillion of them when school started?  

Notice when I'm making grocery list, that the "important phone number" sheet by the phone, has gotten all covered in something wet and the colors have run. 
Go to computer to print another one.  Decide I don't like the font/colors for some reason, change it.

At computer, notice James' paper by the computer regarding what is required for a project that is due tomorrow. Realize this is one of those projects that the parents really do most of.  I start on my part, by looking for a picture I took of German Chocolate cake.
Find a strange picture of myself and think that it might work for my blog.

What was I doing again?  Where was I?  


  1. You sound like you are crazy busy. I love that photo. The best ones turn out without any posing.

  2. Wow! sounds like you have a lot going on and not feeling well to boot.
    Hope your day improves especially with your church matters. I had to look up discombobulated, I have never used or heard of it before,interesting word.
    Take care:)

  3. Yep, If you give a mouse a cookie, sounds like a perfect description of your life. lol!

    You know, I used to run around doing a million things like you, too, and then I got hurt 4 weeks ago. And it was as if I slammed right into a brick wall. Everything stopped for me.
    The only thing I can do is focus on regaining my strength and whatever little bit s of other stuff I can manage from my bed.

    I was starting to think how much I missed being able to walk and take care of everything around here but maybe now, after reading your blog post (beautiful photo of you, by the way) that God placed me in this situation for a reason. To slow down and focus on the small stuff and not get stressed about the big stuff. And to let some things go.
    What a lesson I'm learning. I wonder if it will stick?


  4. This was hilarious and so down to earth. And is exactly the reason I love your blog. Hope it all works out.

  5. I did not take said picture. Twas your spouse playing with my camera.

  6. Hello I landed here via the Black that neat little contraption! I follow Egg Head's blog too, she's in my neck of the woods to an extent; can I follow your blog too? I have a friend in Texas...and family too.