Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weather or Not

I have a little alarm on my computer, through WeatherBug, that lets me know of upcoming weather alerts.  Here's what it said this morning--"Winter Weather Warning!"  followed by the pronouncement of ice accumulation.
"Subfreezing Temperatures Will Be Met This Evening And Continue To Slowly Fall Through The Night. Hours Of Light Freezing Rain Will Result In Accumulations Of Ice On Bridges And Overpasses Up To One Quarter Inch Thick. Temperatures Should Climb Above 32 Degrees By Late Wednesday Morning." 

I know y'all in the places where you get real winter weather will laugh at this, but if we have 1/4 inch accumulation of ice on bridges and overpasses, the city will shut down.  Really, that's a good thing though.  Folks have no idea how to drive in rain, let alone ice.  We're so far into our drought down here, that folks forget that rain makes the roads slick.  I'm kidding.  Well, sort of.



1.forming an exception or rare instance; unusual; extraordinary:The warm weather was exceptional for January.
2.unusually excellent; superior: an exceptional violinist.
3.Education(of a child)
a.being intellectually gifted.
b.being physically or esp. mentally handicapped to an extent that special schooling is required.

Speaking of droughts, does anyone else think that the weather gurus could have come up with a more appropriate word than 'exceptional' to describe the worst drought conditions?  
We, here in Austin, are in the 'exceptional' stage of the drought.  While definition #1 might seem to fit, there is really nothing rare or unusual about drought in our area.  We're to the point that seeing someone toss a cigarette butt out the window causes road rage------well, at least taking down their license plate number in case that butt causes a fire.  I know when I smell smoke, I try to figure out which way the wind is blowing in regards to which way the smell of smoke is coming from.  In other words, if there is a fire, is it coming my way?

So, winter weather this way comes.  Right now it's 66*.  Just like rain, I'll believe it when I see it.  The cliche that fits best, and was coined I'm sure by a Texan, "Don't like the weather, just wait a spell and it will change."

Grace in Small Things
1. The 66* weather, right now
2. The remote possibility of precipitation--freezing or otherwise.  We need the wet!
3. Coffee, coffee, coffee
4. The knowledge that a dose of winter won't last.  
5. Cough medicine--James is home sick today with an icky cough.


  1. I hear you on ice and/or snow shutting down a city. As there, it shuts down in my area when it snows as well. People just don't know how to drive in it and the streets are not taken care of. Stay safe.

  2. Stay warm and enjoy that bucket of hot coffee.

    Hugs to James. I hope his throat and chest feel better soon. Poor little dude :)


    ps, It's funny. I thought that saying originated in New Mexico. Except, around here the weather changes very quickly. We hardly have to sit a spell. lol! :D

  3. I cannot image as I have never seen snow, a city shutting down but I can relate to a drought as we have just been through the longest drought in our country. Even now the weather man forecast rain and it gets dark and cloudy but just blows right our us and doesn't give us a drop.
    Ho Hum :)

  4. Does everyone run to the store to buy milk and bread if the weatherman so much as mentions frozen precipitation? Around here they clean the grocery stores out!