Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tiger and Iguana

Wandering through old photos again.  I have absolutely no idea what is going on in this picture.  James is 5 and Pearl is 9.  I do know that her outfit is a holdover from a Halloween costume, as is James' shirt.  Her mask is handmade by her.  His hat is a "gimme" from a conference Lee went to.  That was back when companies had money for such things.  Now Lee gets pens with logos on them. James'  hotpink pants belong to her dress up box.  
It looks as though there is a string tied to his ankle.  She has the other end.  That could only mean that he is her captive or pet, depending on the game they've made up. 
James is now older (10) than Pearl was in this picture.  I can't believe how quickly they grow.  What's best, is that they still like each other.  They don't play make believe games anymore, but that's okay.  They also don't dress up in silly costumes anymore.  I kinda miss that.  Not so many fun photo opportunities with which to embarrass them in the future.


  1. Cute picture. They were quite creative, weren't they? Pearl made a neat little mask out of a paper plate, and they used materials at hand to come up with some great costumes. Cool.

  2. How sweet. I love that they played together so well. Doesn't that just make your heart sing?

  3. Oh! Wouldn't it be great to take a photo of them now wearing those same costumes (or bigger versions of them)...and then compare the two photos? That would bring a tear to the eye....


  4. Yea, I kinda like my kids a little bit--not much. :)

  5. so I JUST came across this picture when it was "tagged" to your newest post. This is SO cute!! Now I think with Halloween coming you should post old pictures of them all dressed up... can you tell I need ideas?! Oh and that I love seeing your kids as tiny ones :)