Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Thought I Was

This picture is a shout out to my big sis, who wishes we could just go back to the rotary dial era sometimes.

Today, I got two phone calls.  One from "Out of Area" 5-062-266-8329.  I think "Out of Country" is more like it. No one I know from out of the country, has my phone number.  I didn't pick it up.  
The second call was from GSA 1-281-220-0620.  I wasn't here for this call, but wouldn't have picked it up anyway.
Both numbers belong to telemarketers hawking insurance or lower interest rates.  The first one is freaky because it's a company in Indonesia that is doing the calling for a bank here in the US.   The one in the US is from an insurance scammer in Houston.  

Anyway, I thought I was signed up for the National Do Not Call list.  Evidently not. You can now sign up 3 different phone numbers (including cell #'s) for free.  If  you think you've already signed up, but don't remember, you can check that too.
 Also, the 3 year time limit is no longer valid.  You don't have to remember 3 years down the road to reregister.  It's forever.  

Just doing my part to keep your dinner time and  your favorite shows from being interrupted.  
If you're a bit worried about putting your phone number on the world wide web, or giving it to a government agency, don't be---they already have it. 


  1. I swear I'm already on this list, but we've been getting the craziest solicitation calls. Some of them literally laugh at me when I tell them we are on the No Call list and to remove us from their list at once. Jerks.
    I've even got calls coming in with "no data" attached, which means I can't report them. Grrrr.
    Thanks for posting this. I'm going to go and confirm we're on this list.

  2. Sales calls are such a nuisance. Hope this no call list entry sticks.

  3. Now those computer generated ones call and leave the annoying message about lowering your interest rates or extending your warranty on your car. I get so Mad!
    So I hit the button to tell them about the do not call and they just hang up, and the same %*@&ing machine calls the next day!

  4. Thanks for that info, CeeCee.

    We have caller ID and 9 calls out of ten are solicitations. They even call our cell phones, It's maddening.


  5. Thanks for the shout out sis! Do you own that sweet rotary phone? Can I buy it off ya? I very much want to have one in my next house. I don't think you can even hook up an answering machine to them, well I probably could. I LOVE YOU, xoxo, nj

  6. How do you even get to a real person on those recorded ones? They just call and call and leave messages on my machine....

  7. I have all our numbers on this list but lately I have been getting all these weird calls saying they are responding to me signing up for higher education classes and such. Not a chance that happened. Somehow they are getting through and it is frustrating.

  8. The craziest call I've gotten is one where you answer it and it says "Please hold, your call will be answered in the order it was received. Your business is very important to us."---It was as though I had called them.

    No NJ, I do not own the phone. I knew what sort of phone you've always talked about (the one we grew up with), and searched the internet for a picture of one just like it. I believe that one is for sale, but I don't think they can receive/send calls. The lines are too high tech now.

  9. I have nightmares about rotary phones. I am always dialing and the dial takes FOREVER to return, or it just keep going *dudududududu*....and the call is an emergency, or urgent, but the phone just won't let me dial quickly. LOL I just wanted to share that with you ;). If I have that dream tonight I'll scream.