Thursday, January 22, 2009

Grace In Small Things

Men like to channel surf, I tend to blog surf.  Today I stumbled across this idea while wandering around a bit in a blog I haven't looked at in some time--Future House Farm.  It is a sort of challenge, although that word really goes against the idea at all.
The gist of it, is to post daily, five small things that make your life better.  A count-your-blessings sort of challenge.  It doesn't mean you'll have to stop blogging about the other things that are going on in your life; but it will enable you to sit down and think about the good things in your life, the ones you love, and the things that made you happy in that one day.  It's also an excellent way for friends and loved ones that read your blog to get a better look at the little things that make you smile. 
I will blog about other things, and add this at the end.  Sometimes, I might only blog about those 5 small things.  

Grace in Small Things #1

1. Quiet
2. Dogs in bed with us after the alarm goes off-- madly jockeying for just the right spot to lick Lee's face. 
3. Kisses goodbye
4. The Sun and springlike temperatures
5. Twittering of birds at my feeder, telling me to put out more of the special snack (peanut butter, corn meal, butter).


  1. I like this Cee Cee. I think I will join up after I take more time to figure it out.

  2. What a great idea, CeeCee.
    I think this might be my saving grace to help me through my rehab. It's sometimes so difficult to feel thankful when life is so full of challenges and the only positive results you see are so small.
    It's like not being able to see the one small beautiful tree because of all the tall, ominous, overbearing trees in the way.

    Thanks :)


  3. My dear little sister,
    As I told you I have been dropping in on your blog more these days. This one really caught me! I believe I will start this myself here. Hope this is OK.
    Grace in Small Things #1
    1. My sisters blog
    2. 5 cold toes
    3. Kat's smile in the morning
    4. Coffee
    5. Phone call from our sister Jean

    I love you, Tom

  4. Vonda, I like the idea too. Gives me a chance to find good things going on, no matter how grumpy I may be feeling.
    Lisa, I'll be you're digging for 'small things' right now. You've got quite a bit of negative going on.

    Brother, of course you can post your 5 things! For those of you wondering about his "5 cold toes"----he lost a leg in a motorcycle accident. He's grateful for even having 5 toes to be cold. He could very well have died.