Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Grace In Small Things #6

Grace In Small Things
1. Getting to know people who grew up completely different than me.
2. TWO eggs in the nest box this afternoon.
3. Talking to my big sis and hearing her latest news.
4. James practicing his guitar
5. Being brave enough to say, "I disagree" and say why.


  1. That picture is gorgeous CeeCee.
    You have lovely sunsets like we do.

    I know what you mean about #2. Our chickens are molting and out of 15 hens we only get between 1-7 eggs a day. Which is fine since I'm not able to cook right now.
    We've been giving all or eggs to the generous folks who stop by with meals or to visit :)

    #5 I have always had a problem with. I don't like to step on toes or make anyone feel bad, so I get a sick feeling if I speak up. :(