Tuesday, January 20, 2009

For My Kids

Look long at this picture.  Look at the people's faces.  Look at the young woman that is touching President Obama's face.  Do you see hope?  Do you see hope on the faces of others?  
Today, Barack Obama becomes our 44th President.  I have never felt such hope before.  I never realized how sad and jaded I was regarding the presidency until two nights ago when I watched him speak on television .  Many celebrities spoke and sang, but I don't care about them. His speech was a powerful message of accountability.  He acknowledged that the war and the economy will not be changed tomorrow morning or next week or even next year.  He is a man of change, but he is painfully realistic.  That's a good thing.  His speech made me cry.
I believe, that if it is within his power, that he will bring peace to our nation.  He will help the little man--- the man we feed at breakfast at church.  He will help the children that can't get a decent education or health care.  He will help figure out ways to boost the economy; but hold each person accountable for their financial actions.  You can't spend and spend and spend on a credit card and not expect it to come around and bite you in the backside one day.

He is bright, articulate, and driven.  I don't believe the endless string of  silly myths regarding him are true. 

The color of his skin is secondary in my opinion, but then again, the color of a person's skin has never been important to me.  To many of our nation's people of color (anyone who isn't white), his color gives them hope.  Hope that he might change the white man's impression regarding color. Hope that just his presence might give children of color, the impression that they can be something great. Hope that they can rise above their circumstances and believe they can make a difference.  Goodness, just any hope at all.  So many young people of color believe they will live and die in their own neighborhoods.  They live in conditions that we would consider battlegrounds. They die violent deaths. They die without good educations.  They die thinking no one cares. Faith is all they have.  Their faith is being rewarded today.

I feel good today.  I feel great today.  I will be going to spend time with others that feel the same way.  I wish there were a way for you to understand the importance of this day.  I know, to you, it is just another day.  I paid no attention to politics  when I was your age.  Your lives have not been negatively affected by the last 8 years, and I believe that this new president will not mean so much to you.  That's okay.  I just want you to know that things have been bad, laws have been broken, the constitution has been laughed at, men and women have died for a lie, human rights have been trashed, the rich got richer and the poor got poorer.  All those things, and many more, will change.  

Presidents are not all powerful.  They aren't supposed to be able to change things, just because they want to.  That's what the House and Senate are for.  Herbert Hoover ( 31st president) once said, "A chicken in every pot, a car in every garage."  That's not what presidents have power over, unless Hoover actually meant to buy every person in the nation a chicken and a car.  President Obama has a big job ahead of him.  I believe, without a doubt, that he will do what he believes is best for all men and women.  He might do some things I disagree with, and that's okay too. Thank goodness we live in a nation, where we are free to disagree with those in power.

Tuck this day away in your hearts.  I feel a crushing weight is being lifted from the people of our nation.  Many tears will be shed today, tear of happiness and hope.

Much love,


  1. I love you for posting this, Cee Cee. Very eloquent.
    And I have been hoping all day today that the 59 million people who didn't vote for him are feeling a bit more hopeful today than they did on election day. I truly believe that he has given the voice back to the people of this country. What isn't hopeful about this?

  2. It's amazing how just one man can make me believe the world is going to get better.

  3. A beautiful letter, Cee Cee. I'm happy you were able to find some kindred spirits to share this great day. I've had the tv on here since 5 this morning and I still can't get enough.

  4. Beautiful post CeeCee. Just lovely.

  5. I shared every word you wrote Carla. I just couldn't put it in the wonderful words that you did :).

    I made Jocelyn a shirt that says "I love my President"...:)