Saturday, January 24, 2009

And Baby Makes Three

Today is Tom's birthday. His 17th birthday! I'm not old enough to have a 17 year old. Well, maybe I am, just a little.
He used to bounce and bounce in the 'Johnny-Jump-Up' airplane. He'd cry if we took him out of it. He'd bounce until he was exhausted and then just fall asleep. He still goes and goes, but can luckily put himself to bed when he feels a nap coming on.
Loved money, still does. It's what he's getting for his birthday.
His birth brought my sister and me closer. We are 7 years apart in age, and didn't have much in common. Babies can sometimes be magnet that pulls relationships together.

Tom was a good-natured baby and a good sleeper. He has survived, all this time, despite the fact that Lee and I were first time parents with just a couple parenting books to lead us. Luckily, Lee had fabulous parents and he at least knew the direction we should take in raising our new little guy. I knew the mechanics of caring for babies and children because of years spent as a teacher for a child care center. Love helped get us through the parts we were guessing on.

When Tom was little and folks would say, "enjoy this time, they grow so fast", I thought they were crazy. Some days it felt like the day would never end, that he would never go to bed so I could just sit still for a moment. Here we are, 17 years later, and it's true. Time has flown. I am so proud of him. I think he is a great guy. We have our disagreements, but something would be wrong if we didn't. I'm especially proud of him this month. He's been waving at himself coming and going. He's been preparing for the SAT test (which he took today--on his birthday---got out of bed on a Saturday at 6:30 am!). He's had an SAT prep class nearly every day, in addition to his normal school hours, work, soccer, and homework.

Happy Birthday, Tom! You get your life back today. You might get a cake and a gift or two, also.

Much Love!

Grace in Small Things #3
1. I really am proud of Tom, not just saying it cuz he's my kid.
2. Breakfast with Lee
3. Pearl and James staying home while we took Tom to his SAT test. Pearl is outstanding at caring for her little brother!
4. Finding a sofa that we both agree on, on the first try! Never, ever happened in 20 years together.
5. German Chocolate cake--family birthday tradition. Yea Grandma!!


  1. Happy birthday! The time does go so quick. I can't believe mine is already 9.

  2. Happy Birthday P.T.!
    Aunt J & Uncle J

  3. Happy Birthday to the birthday boy!

    I remember those Johnny Jump-ups...great entertainers for babies.

  4. Happy Birthday Tom!! :)

  5. Seeing and reading about your first bright baby now a boy of 17, almost a Man, makes old aunt nora cry and cry. What gift he is to us all! Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives. I can't imagine my life without any of you. BIG FAT HUG to you my lovely sister.
    Thom in case you're looking at this, the checks' in the mail! wootwoot!

  6. This is sweet. Happy birthday to your sweet boy. I remember my oldest and only son when he turned 17. Wow! He is 33 now and still tugs at my heart strings. I guess it never changes....once a mom always a mom.

  7. Happy Birthday Tom!
    What lovely memories to hold and cherish.
    Kids do grow up to quickly, it is good to remind ourselves this and to delight in every moment with them

  8. Happy Belated Birthday Tom!

    CeeCee, I enjoyed your heartwarming tribute to him, too.

    I was just reminded that my twinlings will be TWELVE in 2 weeks!

    This makes them offically tweens and almost teens. gah!


  9. It's so unbelievable how fast it all goes by...I miss my babies (such big boys now) so much. And what a beautiful boy you have - I loved seeing all his baby pics. Thanks for sharing those. You are a lucky mama...and he's a lucky son! :-)
    Happy Birthday to Tom!