Saturday, December 6, 2008

This Doesn't Look Like My Chair

We torture our poor cat every Christmas by moving 'his' chair.  Normally, there is a chair in the spot where the Christmas tree resides.  On that chair is the shawl I knitted for Pearl.  He decided that was his too.  He's kneaded so many biscuits in it that he could open a bakery.  Pearl doesn't want it back.

We moved the shawl to another spot in the room. For a few days every year, he looks for the chair and the shawl to be together where they belong.  He has never sought revenge on us, by climbing the Christmas tree.  We were blessed with this stray kitty that pretty much goes with the flow.  Only that sort of cat would survive at our house---stuff is always changing or being moved about.  I've heard of cats that quit eating if you move their food.  Not Lucky.  It's obvious that our kitty hasn't missed a meal. He'll eat off the kitchen floor, if need be.

He spends a few days sleeping under the tree, just to make us feel guilty for moving 'his spot', and then goes and finds his shawl.  He's nothing, if not flexible.  


  1. Poor kitty! What a mean trick to play on him. My cats goes with the flow too, we are always moving their food, trying to find a good place for it. During the move, their food moved every few days.

  2. "He's kneaded so many biscuits in it that he could open a bakery."
    lol! Poor Pearl :)

    I think I'd feel so guilty the way he sits there under the tree, so pitiful. lol!
    It's good he's so flexible, though.
    Does he like to lap cuddle, too?

    New Mexico

  3. Nothing like driving the cat a little nuts. Or at least, so that he can give you the impression you are and make you feel guilty. maybe he'll get more treats or pets or something?

  4. That photo makes me laugh. What a hoot. Poor little tortured kitty.