Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Magic Chickens

Over the summer I babysat a friend's two hens while she vacationed in Utah.  My chickens, despite my best efforts, never made friends with the two hens.  They were ostracized and not allowed to sleep with the group.  The took to sleeping in the "loft" (rake holding up a wall panel-more jury rigging) to avoid nasty pecks from my group.

I was fascinated with the entire affair, as the rake is at least 3.5 ft off the ground and not very big around.  Two questions, were always on my mind--"How'd they get up there?"  Talk about having to stick a landing!  The other question was, "How'd they get down?".  The getting down part was easy.  They flew.  The getting up there part was pretty obvious, as they were young hens and didn't weigh very much--they flew.

Fast forward to this week.  I went out one morning to discover my two Light Brahma hens, Violet and Sophia, in the Loft.  These girls turned 4 in October.  They are no longer light, young things like our visitors this summer.  Brahmas are also considered to be a "Heavy" breed.  Hens can reach 9 lbs!  Just imagine a nice, stout, German, grandma.  I had one, I know.  These girls are German grandmas for sure.  

One question remains--"How'd they get up there?" They can't fly.  I've seen them try.  The place where the other chickens are sleeping is directly below the rake. Unless they can jump straight up in the air, the nest box couldn't have been a factor.  They are simply too heavy to fly and make such a short landing.  I must have magic chickens.  They levitate?

I do know how they get down, and it's not pretty.  They plop down to the top of the nest box and then plop down onto the ground.  Plop is really the best adjective available.  I worry about them hurting themselves and make sure the hay and shavings are nice and fluffy for them to land in.

Does anyone else have magic chickens.  How about magic farm animals or pets?  


  1. I do have magic chickens too. How they get 20' up in a tree is an amazing thing.
    My new little chick "Uno", gets up on the top of the stepladder. I have yet to see how he/she does it.

    Hey, I'm still waiting to see your Beverly Hillbillies coop, so far all the pics of your coop look nice to me.

  2. That seems pretty amazing. So far my girls haven't used their perches yet. They prefer to sleep in the nest box.

  3. Your little chicken house looks so cozy :)
    No, we don't have any magic critters, though my horse's lips are pretty agile to be able to unlatch chains and locks. lol!

    German Grandmas. hehehe

    New Mexico

  4. German Grandmas huh? What a hoot. Maybe one day you'll catch them doing their magic trick and see how they make it up there.

  5. Crazy chickens. Let us know if you ever figure out their secret.

  6. I always swear that the older hens can't fly but somehow they manage to get up on the roosting bars. But boy do they thump when flying down. I know what you mean about hurting themselves. I fear one of these days I will have a bunch of hens walking around in casts.