Friday, December 12, 2008

A Little Cheese with My Whine

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth.  I have a terrible cold that started on Tuesday and won't let go.  I don't remember colds getting the better of me when I was younger.  
I read other blogs, but do not comment.  I don't post on my own blog either.  I've got major brain fog and can barely put sentences together.
I get done what I need to get done, take the appropriate number of Motrin a day and then lay on the couch.  At least I can work on a scarf for Pearl for Christmas. She knows about it, as it lays on the coffee table when I'm not working on it.
I don't know what we'll be having for dinner tonight and I'm certainly not done Christmas shopping.  
I need to get in the shower.  Maybe that'll help me feel better.  I have to take Thom to the doctor today.  He's got a sore throat and the little white patches to go along with it. Yea, strep, just in time for semester finals.  
If you know us and live nearby, stay far, far away.  I know we don't have Ebola or anything, but feeling under the weather for Christmas can be sort of a drag.

On a brighter note, my new neighbor might get a mini donkey OR might be willing to board a mini donkey.  Hmmm.  Wonder if Lee reads this?


  1. I hope you feel better soon! Being sick this time of year is the pits.

  2. Aw, CeeCee, I'm so sorry you're under the weather. Jim and I just recently went through this cold thing and it was awful. I get so impatient with myself when I don't just bounce right back after a day or two and this thing just seemed to draaaaag on!
    I wish you lived closer, I would bring you hot tea, a really good book, and a smile. :-)

  3. Feel better CeeCee! And I hope Thom's step isn't too serious :(

    I hope you're all on the mend by Christmas morning.

    New Mexico

  4. Blech. I can totally relate to how youre feeling. Get some rest and feel better soon. I suggest hot tea. Lots and Lots of hot tea.

  5. Yuckie! I always look forward to your posts, and the one after you get better will be great as usual. Mini donkeys? How cool.

    Get well soon!

  6. Sorry to hear your not well, take it easy and it will soon pass.I'll look forward to your post when your well again. Take care

  7. Thank you, everyone for being so kind. I feel bad to check in on blogs, but not comment.
    I feel a bit better today.
    Thom did not have strep, hooray!! Onward and upward to semester finals.

  8. You're funny about the donkey thing sis, I hope you're feeling markedly better this day.

  9. Hope you feel better soon. It is dreadful to feel crummy this time of year.