Saturday, December 13, 2008

For the Love of Pete!

And his brother Paul, and their next door neighbor, Sally, and her sister's best friend's babysitter, Nancy......

Do you know what this is? Click on it and you'll see it up close and personal.  It is the barely month old, beater bar from my top of the line Dyson vacuum.  It began making a horrible noise the other day when I was using it.  It sounded very much like the beater bar was striking the vacuum housing.  Lee and I took turns turning it over, and turning it off and on.  Nope, wasn't hitting the housing????
Upon closer inspection, we discovered that the beater bar had a piece missing.  It was broken!!!! You've got to be kidding me!!!

After I'd calmed down, I  called their 1-800 number and got an actual human being on the line.  That was a pleasant surprise.  She was even nice enough to put me into their registered owner system.  Doesn't matter that I sent the paper work in for that very thing, the day after my purchase.  "It takes those data entry people months to get that stuff into the system."  Surprise. 

When I told her the vacuum's serial number she said, "Oh, that's from the J group. They've been having trouble with the beater bar breaking."   I guess since I was in no danger from having the thing catch the house on fire or something, they weren't going to tell the general public about the defect.  Surprise.

I asked the woman to send me a new beater bar and we could both get on with our lives.  Not happening.  Seems the version of Dyson that I bought had to be serviced at a vacuum shop 25 miles from here.  Something about calibration and the belt and the beater bar.  The newer version of said vacuum could be fixed at home.  She, while we were on the phone, put me into the system at the vacuum repair place.  She also volunteered that I might get a 'loaner' vac while mine was in the shop.  I have a sneaking suspicion that my vacuum will disappear into the black hole of the time/space continuum, and the creepy loaner will become my vacuum forever.  OR I won't get a loaner and have to continue to use my jury-rigged Hoover Windtunnel.

In all honesty, the Dyson people were very helpful on the phone.  The fact that I got to talk to a human at all, astounds me.  She let the vacuum repair place know that I will be coming, and what part to have on hand to fix it.  I will try, in this season of 'peace on earth, goodwill to men', to be hopeful about the outcome.  While it worked, the vacuum was amazing.  It really does "never lose suction".  I don't have to do anything to it but empty the canister.  No clogged filter.  No overly full bag. 

To be continued.....


  1. lol! I'm truly trying not to laugh over here, CeeCee, but gosh girlie! You've got quite the issues with appliances, don't you. hehe

    I sure hope you get the loaner AND get your new Dyson fixed and back quickly. Sorry about the hassle, though :P


  2. Wow. That pretty well blows, huh? You and your appliances lately. Heres to hoping that they have your part and it gets repaired ever so promptly. Sending get well vacuum wishes your way.

  3. CeeCee, step away from your appliances. I'm sorry that you are having so many issues. It seems like when one thing goes they all go. I had issues with new appliances not working properly when we moved in. Frustrating! Hope things get better soon.