Thursday, December 4, 2008

Field Trip

The really cool thing about being a grown up is that one friend has no fear about introducing you to another friend.  You remember jr. high and high school--three girls can never be friends without there always being fireworks.

Today, my friend DD and I went to lunch with her friend, RR.  I've known RR casually for years.  We live in a small town after all.  After lunch, we went to RR's house.  She has a beautiful ranch that is even more amazing now that Christmas decorations are up.  Since I forgot to ask, I didn't take any pictures of her or DD.  I did, however, take many pictures of her menagerie!  I was in heaven.

This man is Penguin.  He was a stray that was full of worms, fleas and mites when she found him.  She doesn't overfeed him, he has an unknown condition that makes him so 'fluffy'.  He thinks he's a dog.  He comes when he's called and follows you wherever you go.  He's reminds me very much of Garfield in his mannerisms.  He could definitely come home with me.
This is Penguin's much smaller sibling, Spook.  I don't remember his story, but he knows how a cat should behave--aloof and just out of reach. 
This beautiful boy is Sampson.  He has a job and takes it very seriously.  He was adopted because RR and her family came home from a vacation and discovered a woman living in their pool house!  She lives on 10 acres at the very end of a gated neighborhood.  The woman was a couple eggs short of an omelet and was escorted off the property by the police.  They also have a young man in the neighborhood who starts fires.  Sampson was must.  RR went to the local animal shelter to pick out a large, scary dog.  She wanted him, but they said he was set to be put down---he didn't pass the non-aggression tests.  Determined, she called the local German Shepherd rescue, and they were able to obtain him.  He's a great dog, but he definitely keeps an eye on the place.  Coming onto the property without RR giving him the okay, and all bets are off.
This handsome young man is Hank the Cow Dog.  He is a big, goofy, lovebug.  I met him when he was just a pup.  He's still just as yummy as ever.  I got to hear his familiar Basset Hound yodel just once today.  I'd forgotten about it.
Tonka is the tallest man on the ranch at 16.2 hands.  RR has always loved tall horses.  He has a trick that just delighted me, but I wasn't able to get it on film.  She asks him if he wants a treat and he shakes his head, yes.  I swear!  I am normally not attracted to blue eyed horses because they tend to be pig-eyed (bulgy eyes).  His are beautiful.  They're really half black, half blue.
Here's a closer picture of his striking blue eyes.
What's this!  Who belongs to those lovely, long ears?  RR rescued this dashing little donkey, J.J.  I don't remember the whole story, but he was a skinny mess and she talked the man into giving him to her for just $25.  
He and I bonded madly.  He really, really wanted to come home with me.  We discussed it in depth while I scratched all his itchy places.  He told me he would go anywhere with me for an apple treat or two.  I told him I'd discuss it with RR, but I think she kind of likes him.  
He has the very best attribute of all RR's animals---he doesn't bray.  Well, he tries, but it barely comes out as a whisper.  I told her that someone (me, me!!) would pay good money for a donk that didn't bray, but I don't think there's enough money in the world for her to part with him.  He's a pumpkin!  

Thanks to DD and RR (I swear, that's really their initials and J.J. is just J.J.!), for hanging out with me today.  I needed the down time to get ready for the final push to Christmas.  


  1. What a great time :)

    Tonka is a looker! What a handsome boy. You know I've got a thing for paints. hehe
    Baby Doll has one eye just like Tonka's. I call it her half-moon blue eye. I adore it :)

    J.J sure is a pumpkin. What a cutie. I'm glad you had such a great time.
    I'm all over J.J, like you, for a donkey that doesn't bray. The only thing keeping me from adopting a donkey or burro is the braying. My neighbors would kill me. lol!

    New Mexico

  2. You're really having fun, aren't you? Lucky You!
    Oh, I forgot... Beverly over at The Working Farm pointed me in this direction and I'm really enjoying myself browsing around. Thanks!

  3. What a fun day! I'd like to go spend the day on a ranch, I love my 2 chickens, but more animals are needed.

  4. Oh, what beautiful animals your friend has...but, me being me, my heart completely melted when I saw JJ. What a beautiful boy.
    Ian had a bray like just sort of sounded like a very slight wheeze. You had to laugh every time you'd hear it.
    I hope someday you'll have the opportunity to have one of these guys as a pal - you certainly won't be sorry.
    Fun day for you! :-)

  5. What a fun day. Those animals look so happy.

  6. Lisa,Tonka was definitely a looker! I took some full size pictures of him, but they didn't turn out very well.

    Christy, yes--more animals, you need more. :)

    Danni, Now that I've met JJ, I really, really want a long-ear. Lee knows just how to keep that from happening. We've never fenced our property. He knows that if that happens that all sorts of hooved things will show up. :) I'm crossing my fingers that the lady across the street will follow through on her need to have 2 mini donks!

    Vonda, all the animals are well cared for and loved madly. I have no hope of having JJ as my own.

    Everyone, please check out Sunita's site. She's a friend from another board. She's a wonderful woman that lives in India. Very interesting site and lately she's been dealing with the terror in her city or Mumbai. Sunita, it so very wonderful to hear from you!!

  7. What a fun day you had! I love all the animals at your friend's farm. Thanks for sharing.