Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bring the Rain

I am crazy for the movie, Transformers.  There was a very interesting military term used in the movie that I'd never heard before---"Bring the rain."  It meant that men on the ground needed aerial assistance and lots of it.  It should be raining bullets.  

I need to bring the rain on all items that plug in at my house.  This, my friends, is a picture that looks familiar.  It is NOT from four posts ago.  I decided against taking the broken, month old, vacuum cleaner to a repair shop.  It was well under the 90-day purchase window, so I took it back to Sears.  They were glad to accept it and told me the very same vacuum had been returned by others.  I told them that I wanted a new one, but that it needed not to have a serial number that began with "J".  They only had the J series.  I thought for a moment------I need to vacuum.  I decided to take it and plan on bringing it back when it breaks.  Maybe I'd get lucky.

This, is a picture of the brand new vacuum cleaner---FRESH OUT OF THE BOX.  I'm guessing what happened is the die that molded the beater bar was off by an inth of an inch.  They then forced it into a place that was an inth of an inch too small.  Thus, the cracked bar.  

Before I head back to Sears, I'm going to have them transfer one from another store that isn't in the J series.  I really am in love with Dyson.  I know I shouldn't be at this point, but it really has a lot of positives as far as it's ease of cleaning.  Dyson acknowledges the the flaw in the J series, they just aren't willing to pull it off the shelves.  They'll fix it if it breaks.  Can't really say the same for most other manufacturers.  

Oh yea, my microwave is having seizures now.  It will shut itself off, midway through a job.  It will run weird numbers when it's not supposed to be working at all.  The only way to fix it, is to climb up on the counter, open a cabinet door and unplug it.  You then have to replug it and it will work fine.

Speaking of Transformers---do you think all my appliances are really aliens? Bring the Rain!


  1. You have been having the worst luck lately. Unbelievable about that vacuum. You have patience. I think I would have purchased a different brand by now. I hope things get resolved soon.

  2. Oh dear...and I think I was one of those that gushed madly about my Dyson, wasn't I? I'm sorry, CeeCee. What the heck, though? Seems to me, they should be refunding your money and sending you a complimentary top-o'the-line model at this point!