Saturday, November 8, 2008

"What Do You Like About Yourself?" Day

I think it is very common in the United States for women to be constantly at war with their bodies.  We need to lose weight, gain weight, get this liposuctioned, get that lifted, get that injected----on and on.  

We have "voices" in our heads telling us we are imperfect in many, many ways. We also have the help of TV, movies and print with perfect women in them.  
Goodness, we've assigned labels to our food and our consumption of them--" I was bad, I ate two pieces of chocolate cake this week."  No one ever says, "I was bad, I ate two helpings of broccoli at lunch the other day."  We avoid 'bad' foods and then crave them until we eat entire cakes.  I'm not saying being overweight is the way to go; I'm just wishing we could have a loving relationship with ourselves and our food.  We would never let someone talk to our daughters/mothers/sisters, the way we talk to ourselves.

I could write a whole novel about the way we beat ourselves up as women. Fortunately, or unfortunately, that book (and hundreds like it) have already been written.

Today, I want anyone that reads this to post two things about yourself that you like. One must be a body feature.  The other, a personal feature.  Give yourself a moment of love.  Look at yourself the way others do.  You are so much more than crows feet or a squishy middle.  

I will start.  
Body: I have really great hair and skin.  My hair is thick and looks good in just about every way I've ever had it cut.  It put up with a lot of abuse in the 80's, but hung in there and now looks better than it ever has.  My skin, was a gift from my parents.  It is smooth and I've even received positive comments from strangers regarding my skin.  

Personal: I can be counted on to do it right--whatever it is.  To add to that, in my 30's, I learned to say no.  I once could be counted on to do it right, but might not be happy to be doing it.  Now, I say yes, and mean it.  I do a darn good job.

Two things.  Come on, you can do it.  If you are feeling particularly loving toward yourself today, then list more!


  1. Two things:

    Body - my body is doing a great job of learning to contort itself in various yoga asanas. I can even stand on my head now. Yay, Go Body!

    Self - my mind/soul/spirit is doing a great job of learning to slow down, breathe, and be kind to myself and others. Yay, Go Spirit!

    And Yay CeeCee! for gifting us with this terrific exercise.

  2. CeeCee,
    You're beautiful inside and out, my friend.

    Two Things:

    Body - my body is becoming stronger while defying stiffness and pain.

    Mind/Self - my mind and will is becoming more powerful in obeying my desires. I am finally feeling confidant enough and less fearful when reaching for my personal goals and dreams.


  3. Body - I have very thick hair. My hubby is very jealous and so are the girls that cut my hair. I'm told that at my age I should be thankful for my thick hair and I am.

    Personal - I am a caring and giving person. I am always there for others to lean on and give support when needed - both emotional support and physical.

    Thanks CeeCee for the great exercise.

  4. You are a very beautiful woman. I'm happy that I stopped by your blog. Have a happy year!

  5. Oh my, this is hard... hmmmm, okay:

    Body: like a Timex watch, it "takes a licking, but keeps on ticking" as I work around chronic pain/ fatigue issues.

    Personal: I'm a good "in the background" worker, an avid learner, and staunch supporter of friends.

    Whew, okay, that's it for me! & you Ceecee, are an amazing lady!

  6. Body: Oh man! OK I would say the color of my eyes-green and the fact that I have no gray hair yet (blessing from my father).

    Self: I have a very positive outlook and a good sense of humor.

  7. Hi Ceecee, what a great post. I'm trying to catch up with my favorite bloggers.

    Body- I like my feet, I think I have cute feet.

    Self- In spite of it backfiring this summer, I like that I help without being asked.

  8. fabulous post.... I think if we as women treated "ourselves" with as much care as we do others we would be richer for it. A goal I strive for at this point...

    enjoyed reading your thoughts