Friday, November 14, 2008

We Know You're Busy, But...

These poor, pathetic creatures want me to do something, anything.  I've been very busy this week, and have little extra time for dogs.

I've been tying up loose ends regarding our church program to feed the homeless. Every year we host a Thanksgiving dinner for these same men and women.  I do some cooking, but my congregation does the vast majority of it.  We have a typical Thanksgiving menu, and I need to line up volunteers to make 10 turkeys, 8 -(9 x 13) pans of green beans, sweet potatoes, stuffing, someone to make mashed potatoes and gravy, someone to bring 40-60 lbs of ice, 200 dinner rolls, and dessert for 200.  I also have to line up servers in two shifts.  I need to make sure we have enough paper goods, ice tea and lemonade mix.   I need to remember to pick up milk and butter for adding to the mashed potatoes.  I reminded everyone that is volunteering of what they are bringing and what shift they might have signed up for.

This year we are throwing a wrench into the well oiled machine, but it has to be done.  Because of the number of people we are expecting, we will have to limit the number of servings they can have.  Most 'soup kitchens' allow one serving per person-period. We have always prided ourselves on a bottomless plate.  This year they will be given two tickets at the door.  That translates into two servings per person.  I'm sure we'll be given some guff, but I'm prepared for that.  I will be the bearer of the bad news.  I can go to bed on Sunday knowing that everyone went away with food in their bellies.  No one will go hungry with two large helpings of everything, even if they protest me.

I have to toot the horn of our little church about this program.  It was started in the spring of 1991.  It has been going every Sunday morning since then.  We've missed two Sundays----once because it fell on Christmas day and the guest thought we should be with our families on that morning; the second time because we got our wires crossed and no one showed up to cook.  The program is funded entirely by folks at church.  We receive no outside funding or food.  

Keep us in your prayers on Sunday.  We'll be busy!
Another thing that is keeping me slightly busy is Pearl's schedule.  I hope to post pictures and story tomorrow.  Cliff's Notes version:  She is in Musical Theater,  their first performance was last night and she has two solos.  It's a compilation of Broadway songs.  She was amazing!  The lighting is awful for picture taking, and last night's pictures were blurry or grainy.  Hopefully we'll have better pictures tonight.


  1. One more head and it will look as if Fluffy, from Harry Potter, has moved into your home. lol!
    What cuties.

    And what amazing stuff you are/have been doing for Thanksgiving at your church.
    I've been on the receiving end of a charity meal before, so I know what a true blessing of generosity it is. Bless you and all of those that give up their time and resources to help others, especially during the holidays, my friend.

    Oh, and I can't wait to hear more about Pearl's performance. Woot, Woot! Pearl :)

    Jackson's gearing up for his Homeschool Band Winter Concert now. He's really improved during this second year of playing Trombone in the band. :)
    It's so exciting seeing our kids excel at things they enjoy, isn't it.


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  3. Here via black box - love your picture and your blog. I had a sister born in Fort Worth - I remember the great and violent weather there.

    Cute pups - we just lost our Tobin after 16 years... he was an old man but much beloved.

  4. Oh can you deny those dear little doggy faces anything?! Talk about adoring!
    Good luck on Sunday, Cee Cee - as crazy as everything may seem, it sounds to me like you've got everything under control and are definitely the woman to run it!

  5. Thanks everyone. I'll post more about it when my computer gets fixed. At this point I don't have access to my pictures.