Thursday, November 6, 2008

This Consumers Report

Bissell 5770 Healthy Home Upright HEPA Vacuum CleanerDyson D14 Animal
This is the year of dead electrical appliances at my house.  The blue vacuum is the Bissel Healthy Home---it died at our house at age 3.  Well, really the body gave out.  The motor still worked just fine.  The canister was broken the first month I had it and they replaced it.  The second time it broke, I got out the duct tape.
Honestly, it was a pretty darn good vacuum; but when your canister is spewing dust as you vacuum, it's time for a new one.  The problem was the cheap plastic.  If you bopped the thing on the edge of the trash can to get the hair and dust out, it cracked.  The little trap door on the bottom of it broke a connector.  There was nothing holding it on but suction.  

Years ago, I bought a cheap ($30), no name vacuum at Home Depot.  It was small and bagless.   My intention was for the kids to use it upstairs in their rooms (y'all stop laughing, a girl can dream!).  Anyway, it's been my primary vacuum for months and it's doing a great job.  The problem is, the filter cannot be replaced and it has about had it.  

It's time to invest some more money.  How much or how little is the question.  I have had my eye on Dyson for some time.  The price is prohibitive, but everyone that has one thinks it's been worth it.  My neighbor has the Dyson Ball/Animal Hair one. I borrowed hers.  Here's my take on it:

*Very good suction
*Easy emptying of the canister
*Made of quality plastics (if there is such a thing)
*Easy tool use
*Very low to the floor for good animal hair suction
*Off/On beater bar switch
*Only clean filter once every few months instead of every vacuuming cycle
*Hepa filtration
*Not self propelled--yes, I consider that a plus.
*A 30 ft. long cord---hurray!!! I hate plugging/unplugging in every room.

*Very expensive to fix, and you would have to send it away
*The 'ball' thing is a good idea, but I fought it the entire time.  My wrist ached by the  time I was done.  Hurts more this morning.
*Wouldn't fit under the kitchen cabinets in the crumb gathering area.
*A little hard to release so it would recline to vacuum. The plastic in that area  looked a little less quality also.  I would worry that all the work it gets would cause  that part of break.

Both a Pro and a Con----
*The vacuum head had soft, rubber bumpers on it to protect baseboards.  In our house, a majority of our walls have stone all the way to the floor.  The stone was going to eat up the bumpers if I wasn't careful.  I'm sure for most folks, that bumper would be a great Pro.

I will seriously look into purchasing a Dyson, just not one with a ball.  It shouldn't hurt to vacuum.  I already have to talk myself into doing it each week. Pain is a good deterrent to vacuuming.  If I want to pay $300 to hurt, I'll hire a personal trainer.


  1. You totally read my mind with this post! We are in the vacuum denial stage right now....knowing that we need to get a new one, but fighting it all the way.

  2. I highly recommend an Oreck. I have had the same one for 8 years and I still love it. I have 2 dogs, it gets up the hair with no issues. It has never broken down! I do have it serviced, $48 or so, about once a year due to the amount of hair and dust it takes in.
    Will never buy another brand!
    Good luck,

  3. Well. I am so glad you wrote this. I have had Dyson ball-envy since I first started seeing the commercials. I really had myself convinced that I neeeeeeded a vacuum that could turn on a dime. BUT: I have bad wrists - this would not be a good thing to have bothering me all the time. I also noticed that it was smaller than the standard Dyson.

    And I do have to say that I love, love, LOVE our bigger Dyson. We got a pretty good deal on ours at Costco. And, probably the biggest plus -beyond the fact that it does a really good job- is that my husband loves to vacuum now. Seriously! He absolutely delights in that clear cannister and being able to see all the dirt that he has sucked up. So much so that every time he has finished vacuuming some room, he has to BRING the cannister TO ME to show me just how much dirt it sucked up.

    What don't I like about my Dyson? It's heavy, this is true, but the biggest issue is that it won't recline all the way back so that I can get it under beds and such. It's like there's a big bump on the front that sticks up and hits things that "normal" vacuums would slide right under.

    Also, the hose that I have to then use to vacuum beneath above-mentioned areas is way too short. Comically short. Like the-Dyson-people-are-laughing-at-me-when-I-have-to-use-it short.

    But, though I've had Hoover cannister vacuums for years and now have a built in vacuum system, too (which I don't use as much as my Dyson), I would totally buy another Dyson if I had to.

    Jeez - sorry so long! :-)

  4. I have never been a fan of uprights mostly because I always use the hoses for around the base boards and such. For thirty years I have purchased Sears Kenmore canisters (only 3 in all that time). I love them because they pick up rocks, sticks and all kinds of stuff, have a beater bar and I vacuum my wood floors almost daily with it. The last one I purchased was about two years ago and it cost $400. Just my two cents.

  5. We have the Dyson Animal and it is WORTH.EVERY.PENNY. Two indoor cats and a German Shepherd mix that is bigger than me were worth the investment to be rid of the constant fur!

    I find it to be much lighter than other vacuums and much quieter. No ball on mine, that just seems silly. Even my husband vacuums with it, a total first.

  6. I have a great disain for vacuums and vacuuming.
    Detest it!

    Most of my floors are tile now, so I like that I can just sweep and be done. And mop occasionally.

    But my stairs and the bedrooms are carpet. gah!

    I get so sore and end up having ot lay down with a heating pad and ibuprofen after vacuuming.

    Thanks for the review.
    I've been wanting on Oreck for a while now, but that Dyson sounds neat.
    Quite honestly though, I just want to not think about vacuums at all. lol!


  7. Our Filter Queen is about 18 years old. It's the canister type with a beater brush thingy on the front. It still runs great and works like a dream. We splurged on it, something like $900, don't quote me, which was tons of $ then, it was BF (before frugality).
    This many years later, I don't regret buying it. My BIL found one next to a dumpster at his apartment complex (lucky sob), cleaned it up and loves his too.

  8. Thanks so much for the consumer report! And do write an update if (when?) you buy a new vacuum. No matter what I do, it's always going to hurt to vacuum (thoracic neuralgia), so I look for something that does a good job with the least amount of pain!

  9. If you've already had a Bissel then you may not agree but I've got the Bissel Pet Hair Eraser. I love it. Dirt cup is easy to remove. Filter is washable. Can't believe what it takes out of our carpets. Mind you it's only 1 year old so I don't know how long it'll last and it is heavy for me (but I am little). What ever you do don't buy the Shark Infinity. It's a hunk of junk.