Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Party Crashers

We have been struggling with broken appliances at our house this year. The dishwasher, my computer and the vacuum cleaner recently joined the party. They were not invited, but you know how some party crashers are.

The computer will be fixed. Don't know what happened to it, but it will not be allowed to join the permanently broken appliance party (PBAP).

The dishwasher has been trying to get into the party for a year or more. Because we have such hard water (despite our softener), the vinyl coating on the racks has worn away in many places. Rust has replaced it. The hard water also contributed to a calcium/scale buildup near the drain. Instead of draining through the drain, the dishwasher began barfing up the water out the front of the door. We really, really didn't want the dishwasher in the party, so we just sopped up the water with a towel. It was still cleaning dishes! It finally broke into the party by having the bottom rack rust through. It no longer holds dinner size plates on the bottom.

The vacuum cleaner has been kept at bay for several years. It had been built with fairly stout plastic housing, but when I began having to tie the front on (after replacing the bag each time) with a bit of nylon rope, I decided it was time to let it into the party. I had even tried to keep it going by replacing the beater bar and some other parts. It was no use. For the last several months I have used a $30 no-name model from Home Depot. Worked great, but the filter has worn out and it cannot be replaced. We opened the door and let that little work horse right in.

Saturday, Lee and I went to Sears. We really, really, really, didn't want to shop there because their service department is a nightmare. They added insult to injury each time an old appliance joined the PBAP. What we decided, as we drove there, was that it was better to deal with a large corporation than with a small one if something broke. They were also giving 15% off with free delivery/installation and free haul off. None of their competitors could even touch that offer.

We knew with certainty that we wanted a Dyson. I pretty much knew which model. Dyson offers a FIVE YEAR warranty. There is not an appliance on the market that offers that. The suction is endless, the cord is a mile long (almost!), and the filter only needs to be cleaned every 3-6 months. My $30 model needed cleaning every time I emptied the canister.

The dishwasher purchase was a little harder. A lot harder! We went in, certain we would be getting a Bosch. I had spent countless hours researching dishwashers. The only thing folks really had bad to say about them, was they were hard to load. We decided against that brand once we took a close look at them. They are set up all wonky. It's hard to describe. Plus, the quality of the materials would not stand up to our constant use and hard water.

Now what!

We knew we didn't want Kitchen Aid or Whirlpool. That left Kenmore. AAAuuuggghhh! Kenmore is what all our broken appliances are! I was ready to bolt and wash dishes in the pool. Lee, cool headed as always, pointed out what a good dishwasher our current one had been. It has been run once (sometimes twice) a day, for 8 years! The brokenness was really because of our water and not the machine itself. We bought the exact same dishwasher as the one that had joined the PBAP , through no fault of its own.

We'd very much like to shut down the PBAB, permanently. Anyone have any idea how to do that? The police don't much care and it's not bothering the neighbors. (((sigh)))


  1. The Dysons have a filter that needs to be cleaned?

    Uh oh. I better go check mine since it's been 2 years!

  2. Boy, what an ongoing thing this appliance baloney's been, eh?

    I hope the new electronic family members treat you well for many years :)


  3. Don't you find it weird that all the appliances seem to go at the same time. Our washer and dryer are on their last legs and I know when we finally do replace them we will have all the other appliance die then as well. I hear you on the hard water problem. It is frustrating to say the least. We have the same problem.