Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Computer is Back

Well, it never really went anywhere, it just took a vacation.  
I am quite used to the way my iMac works, and using a PC to post and reply to other blogs befuddled me a bit.

While I was 'away', I was bestowed with two awards from two blogs I love.  The first is from Christy at Farm Dreams.  Her dreams of owning farm recently came true in a big way.  She moved from Delaware (bbbrrrr!) to Georgia.

The next award came from Sue at White Lily. She lives in New South Wales, Australia.  She and her family grow their own veggies and meat on 88 acres.  It's so interesting to see how much caring for a family and a farm in Oz is the same as here in the US.

Thank you ladies!  Please check them out.  Their blogs are a great read.


  1. Good to see you back and it was a pleasure giving you that award because I really enjoy your blog, you are a lovely person :)

  2. Glad your computer is working now. Congrats on the awards. You can always make me smile. You deserve them!

  3. I'm glad you're back to normal again.....well, maybe not normal....that wouldn't be so good. lol!

    I'm glad your computer is working well, though. And I'm glad you were give these awards, too. You deserve them. You've got a wonderful blog that you share your life and thoughts on. Thanks for sharing, CeeCee.