Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More Jury Rigging

Earlier this year I posted on Jury Rigging. I always thought jury rigging's origins came from someone rigging a trial by getting at a juror with death threats or money.  It really has origins in sailing and ships.  
The term jury rigging has morphed into a word meaning (loosely): to fix something with duct tape, baling wire, string, or zip ties.  Zip ties are my personal favorite, but I digress.

Below you will see my newest attempt at thwarting the gluttonous House Sparrows.  You can read all about my previous attempts here.  I must admit, that my previous try at keeping the little flying pigs out of my chicken food, failed.  

I got this fabulous idea over at Sugar Creek Stuff.  Her dad helped her out of the "Beverly Hillbillies Chicken Coop" club  (leaving me behind) by building her an amazing new chicken coop.  It comes complete with a great feeding system---PVC pipe. 
I used a 2 inch size pipe and a couple elbows.  Just in case it didn't work, I did not glue the pieces together.
Because I have trouble with fire ants, I couldn't attach the new feeder to the wall.  The ants very quickly figure out how to walk up the wall and into the feeders.  I had to hang it from the ceiling. Notice the zip ties!
In this picture, you can see how my whole coop is really jury rigged.  It is a dog pen (6 x 10) that I've lined with hardware cloth and built a door frame to keep the larger spaces near the gate from being breached by predators.  My hubby and FIL cut plywood to fit the sides and they were attached with bolts and wingnuts.  They also built a roof.
This version of a chicken feeder worked great, for chickens and sparrows alike.  I just wanted to make the buffet landing site more difficult.  Now they have just 2 inches for approach and landing.  I know they'll still eat, but not 5 or 10 at a time.  I'm hoping since the feeder is much smaller, the chickens will have a better chance of protecting it from the English House Piglets


  1. Resourceful, I love it. Let us know if it works.

  2. My chicken "coop" is totally jury rigged. It is a dog kennel, inside a wire cage I made out of fence wire, it is all held together with zip ties. I then have a tarp over half the wire cage to keep rain and wind it, it is also held on with zip ties. The door is held closed with pipe cleaners, so I can open it every morning to let the girls out.

    We plan to build a real coop this spring but until then, they will live in this make shift thing we made.

  3. Hey Ceecee! Thanks for the shout out and the info. I always called it Jerry Rigging, and I didn't know why.
    I love your clever coop, it is way better than my ugly crate.

  4. I love that feeder. I have one of those big metal feeders and I had the farmer hang it from the rafter of the outside chicken yard. We get an occasional bird in there but for the most part they stay out. but this one looks so cool.