Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hey Y'all!

This mishmosh of pictures were stolen from the internet.  I didn't want to get in a car accident taking pictures of the real thing in my area.

We are, blessedly, getting a turn lane on our highway.  What they do is, make an instant turn lane.  They take what was once a four lane highway, put up cones and signs and carve a turn lane out of the two inner lanes.  They then begin work on widening the outer lanes so we will have two lanes on each side, turn lane in the middle.  

That means, for about a year, we have a temporary turn lane and one lane on each side.  I'm all good with that.  I'm willing to deal with driving in one lane for a year for the future safety of all concerned.  What gets me is the other drivers!  
About a quarter mile back from where it goes down to one lane, there are signs--Left Lane Closed Ahead.  Another sign at 1/8th of a mile.  At that point you can see the traffic cones and the ginormous flashing sign with a big arrow pointing to the right.   This is when my head starts to spin around.  One of two things (often both) always happens.

1. Someone drives all the way up to where the cones and barrels force us into one lane and expect to just be let in.  No turn signal!  No friendly wave! No eye contact!  Just, this is where I get over, make room.

2. Someone speeds up at the last second to get one car length in front of whoever they are behind.  For goodness sakes, is being one car length forward in a single file line going to make any difference?! 

I'm pretty laid back in traffic.  Everybody has their story.  I just lose my mind, though, when folks behave like they are blind and can't see the signs and arrows and lights.  We all travel this road, every day.  We live in a rural area.  Folks go back and forth to town.  They know the lane is closed ahead.  Why are they waiting until, literally, the last second to merge?  Why must I be forced to slam on my brakes so they can get in line? Some days I just want to cause them to crash into the cones and barrels.  It would be their fault.  What's wrong with using a darned blinker to let me know you aren't a complete idiot or so full of yourself that you can't be bothered?

Okay, rant over.  If you are one of those that rushes to the front of the line when the lane ends, cut it out!!  One day you might not end up in front of  nice person like me.  You might end up in the barrels because you've encountered a person just like yourself.  


  1. Arrrrr....yes, we deal with this all the time. It is very frustrating to say the least. Such a hurry everyone is in these days.

  2. Whenever we encounter such a spot, we ride next to the person in the slow lane, they always figure out what we are doing and let us in, and the person behind that is trying to speed up to pass eventually gets the picture and merges in behind. I have also seen truckdrivers do the same thing.

  3. Isn't this situation the most frustrating thing? I've encountered this numerous times as the state of WI is always under construction somewhere (it's their state pastime. Since I work outside of the home I frequently have to deal with road construction. Nothing makes me angrier than people barreling right up the the barrels and then barging right if front of you as though THEY have the right away. Also "no turn signals" get me angry. Like I can read your stupid mind!!! Oh well, enough ranting and raving about STUPID drivers. Good luck with the construction.

  4. Oh I hear you. This happens all the time....so frustrating!

  5. I'm not a nice person, I NEVER let these people in. I've waited in line all this time why should I let the cutters in?