Friday, November 28, 2008

Free Stuff

One of the really cool things about living in a horsey neighborhood are the presents they leave behind.  I know some folks are irritated by finding such presents in front of their houses, but not me.  I figure if you live somewhere where horses are ridden, you'd better expect such things.  It's not like the humans on horseback can carry around an empty Wally World bag and shovel to pick up after their equine pets.  
This particular gift was left behind by a beautiful black and white draught horse. Her rider would have needed at least two WalMart bags.

I am glad to pick up after the mare.  It goes straight into my compost pile.  I can get whole garbage bags of the stuff when I go visit my friend, DD.  She has two minis that remind me of caterpillars---plant life in, plant life poo out.  It's not much bigger than caterpillar poo either.  Jazz and Thunder are very kind and put it all in one place for me for me.  I just need a square nose shovel and a garbage bag.  My compost gets a boost and it's all for free.  Besides, I get my horse fix while I'm at it. Her minis are love bugs. DD when can I come over again? Oh, I want to see you too--in case you're wondering. :)


  1. I *love* free stuff! And those minis are adorable.
    Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving, CeeCee :-)

  2. Oh you like free stuff and compost, eh?

    I've got goat, sheep, llama, horse and chicken poo for ya, CeeCee.
    Come on by and pick it up whenever you like :)

    By the way, I really like seeing horses on your blog ;)


  3. Minis are so cute! I don't have a horse poo source, I'll need to find one. Lots of cow poo around though.

  4. I carried a small kids plastic shovel on my saddle when I lived in the east. Just big enough to toss nuggies out of the road for those who were anoyed by natural by products. I now live in Montana and am very glad to say the shovel stayed back east. My personal compost manufacturing factories moved with me. Glad to see you see the up side.

  5. Danni, They're even more adorable in person. You know how a dog will paw you when you quit scratching/petting it. One of DD's minis does that too. I think we could teach him to 'shake'. He also like to lay his head on your shoulder if you are sitting.

    Lisa, girl you'll have to blow all the snow off the poo for me to come get it! :)

    Christy, cow manure works just great. I say, shovel away!

    Karen, you would be the hero of most of my neighbors. You actually dismounted and flicked it off the road!! I say, where there's horses, there's horse manure. :) Thanks for dropping by. Stay warm in MT!

  6. The boys have been wondering when you are coming by for a visit. You know how much Thunder is "in love" with you. While you're here, I'll supply the shovel, just bring the bags :) See you next week.


  7. Cee Cee you are great. I can just see you out there horse poop scooping. It is great for the compost though.